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He rolled over and blinked a few times, he peeked over at the alarm clock
5:48am, It's early but not too early. He rolled back over to his sleeping beauty, snoring softly. Her arm tucked under her face as she slumbers on her stomach, Her hair falling gracefully over her face, the blanket covers her body partly. He admires the tattoo on her back, a dream catcher starting from the middle of her back down just above her crack. The curves of her body, the arch in her back, how her body rises with each breath she takes. She is breathtaking and last night was a dream. He rolls over on his back and stares in the mirror on the ceiling, then glances over at the window as the sun peaks over the horizon. He shuts his eyes and thinks for a moment, trying to recapture the moment of last night. How she felt, how she kissed his lips, how soft she was. She knew how to handle herself. She took all that he could give her and enjoyed every second of it. There was one moment when they were intertwined, as one. For a split second they understood each other, they were in tune to what their bodies needed and craved. In the moment he realized, he wanted more. He wanted that feeling again.

He rolled over back to face her, he then ran his hand down from her shoulder, down the curve of her back stopping at her soft firm ass. He grabbed it gently as if not to wake her from her sleep. He didn't want to wake her suddenly, he wanted her to wake up in utter pleasure. In that moment, she stirred in her sleep. She mumbled incoherently as she rolled over to her back, her head turned away from him, her body was exposed. Her legs partly spread, her breast, a soft and supple pink with each nipple pierced softly raised and lowered as she breathed. The blanket barely covered her pussy, she looked good, good enough to eat..

He moved in closer to her as he reached beneath the blanket in between her legs, rubbing his hand up in between her thick thighs, stopping short before her wetness. He felt the heat radiate from her as he began to softly fondle her lips, caressing them with his fingertips. She was still wet. He then spread her lips with his finger exposing her soft pearl, then with his middle finger began to rub softly in small circles. His dick began to throb as he rubbed a little faster. She then began to move slightly, spreading her legs a little wider as he picked up the pace. He then pulled his hand back and brought it to his face, she still smelled as good as she did last night, then he licked them, tasted just as good too. He then pulled the covers back and laid down between her legs. He slowly placed one thigh over his shoulder and held one open as he brought his face close to her sweetness. He parted her lips with his tongue with a long lick, then another, then three more. Then, before you knew it, he was lapping at her like a thirsty dog with a water dish. But he was thirsty, the thirst was for her. He wanted her waterfall, he craved it. He then stopped, then sucked her clit into his mouth, he pulled and pressed it with his tongue as he began to slide two fingers inside her. She stirred again, he coulda sworn that he heard her moaning or gasp but he was too busy enjoying her to notice or care. She brought out the animal in him last night, A beast he kept tame for so long. He wanted more, the animal needed to feed. He slid his fingers inside her tight hole fast as he sucked on her pearl harder. He felt her tighten around his fingers as he pleased her. He then curved his fingers upwards to her GSpot and flicked up against it as he sucked. His heart was pounding and at this moment all the blood in his body felt as if it was all in his now rock hard throbbing dick. Her body and legs began to shake, but some how, she did not wake or stir and in that moment, he felt a gush of juice run from his fingers down his hand and her walls tighten and tense on his finger. "She came.." he thought to himself as his lips were still wrapped around her clit. He pulled back and pulled his fingers out. It was covered in her sweet juices, he placed them in his mouth and sucked down hard. She tasted like heaven. Not too sweet, not tart. Just perfect.  But he wanted more..

He rose up on his knees, still between her legs, He looked down at his throbbing cock and stroked it in his hand. He looked down at her beautiful form, her long neck, her big breast, her waist down to her hips. She seemed too be breathing a little harder, and what looks like beads of sweat forming on her chest. He then begins to stroke his dick faster as it throbs in his hand. He looks down at her beautiful pink slit. He notices that she made a wet spot on the sheet. No matter, there's more where that came from..

He wanted to feel her again, against him. Her wetness, her passion, her rawness. He then rubbed the tip of his dick on her clit, rubbing it in circles before grabbing on to both hips and lowering his tip down to her wet hole. He then slid inside her slowly. His whole body shuttered as she gripped him tight, as if welcoming him home from a long journey. She felt good, warm, still tense from that last orgasm. As he began to move inside her, he felt the tension quickly build. He wrapped her legs around his waist and began to pump faster. He held her hips as he began to fuck her faster, her body began to shake but somehow she did not stir or move much. She still slept, letting out a light snore or gasp here and there. His body began to tense as his thrust began to build, each thrust, faster and harder, he wanted to lean down and kiss her neck but decided against it. He liked what he saw as she slept, she was at peace. He got to enjoy her body as much as he could. Then he felt his dick throb inside her as he neared an orgasm. He wanted to release inside her but no, not this one..not yet anyway and not in this way. He wanted her to want it, to want for him to release in her, against her tight, wet walls. He then pulled back and came on her mound and just below her belly button then, in a foggy haze, he laid down on top of her..

A few moments later, he felt her squirm underneath him, then he felt an arm wrap around his waist while another wrapped around his neck. He felt her move gently as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He was shocked "Oh shit, did I wake her? Or was she awake this whole time?" She nuzzled and kissed his neck then kissed up to his earlobe and whispered "Good morning papi..." then laid her head back on the pillow.
He chuckled and said, "Good morning to you too beautiful" and then kissed her slowly, sucking her bottom lip in between his. She then said, as she caressed his back "Thanks for that wake up..." He grinned to himself and turned towards the clock which read 7:12am..
"You're very welcome" he said in a sleepy voice as they both drift back to sleep..

Chapter 4 - The next morning..



     She smiled to herself taking in all of his bachelor pad furniture and decor. 

"Damn it's like a bomb of freaking testosterone just went off in this place huh?" she teased him while looking back at him grinning. 

"Oh you got jokes huh? I've been living by myself for a good little minute, so I aint have no female or nun like that come and fix my crib up" he answered as he plopped down on the black leather sofa. She peered at his tattooed arms, not paying attention as she bit down on her lip while drinking him up with her eyes. 

"Jade did you hear what I said?" he snapped her out of her day dream. 

Jade shook her head replying, "No I'm sorry what did you say again?”. 

"I asked what movie would you like to watch and if Chinese food aight with you ma?" he says grinning that same grin that got her heart beating a little to fast on the train. 

"Don't matter to me honestly, I am starving so I can go for some Chino food.” she stated. She sat next to him on the comfortable couch slowly unzipping her coat revealing a low cut sweater. 

He snorted as he muttered a little to loud, "Can never get a woman to choose anything.” 

Cutting her eyes at him she tilted her head to say, "Oh so your gonna act like I ain't hear that huh?" slightly pressing her hand to his shoulder pushing him gently to the side. 

"I'm going to run to the Chinese spot and pretend like I ain't just get physically abused by Ms. Puerto Rico over here, but uh what you want to eat ma?" he teased as he got up sliding his coat over his muscular body, bending down as he slipped on his sneakers. 

"Oh you got jokes huh? I could go for some shrimp fried rice with barbecue boneless rib tips, please and thank you. Let me go ahead and get some mo-" reaching for her purse as she tried to dig out some cash. 

She stopped mid sentence as he harshly states" Damn ma, I ain't need you to come out your pockets, a nigga got you. I'm not letting no cutie pay for no food, so take them little ass hands out that purse and relax. Now I will be right back, I'll lock the doors cause they kinda tricky and shit." 

    Hearing the door close she sat back in amazement, thinking to herself "Fuck maybe chivalry ain't really dead after all." She quickly gets a flashback of Torrie then quickly changes her mind. Jade decided to let her Spanish qualities kick in, which one of them is: to be nosy as hell. Getting up she wanders around the apartment. Opening the door to his bedroom slightly, she looks around to what appears to be a simple bedroom, until she saw something. "The man has a mirror directly above his head on some I make my own porn type shit.” she whispered to herself. Feeling herself turned on by such boldness she quickly closes the door. She then power-walked back to the spot where she was suppose to be sitting down at before she decided to be nosy. 

    Hearing the locks on the door starting to become undone she turns her head to face him "Hey you made it back!" as she feels her cheeks warming up whilst she smiles at him. Setting the bag of Chinese food in front of her, he sits next to her. He pulls his sweat shirt over his head, letting her catch a glimpse of his rock hard abs and the love trail that was trimmed so beautifully. 

Interrupting her thoughts as she reached for the packets of soy sauce, he asks "So, is it cool if we watch my fave movie, Baby Boy. Or nah ?”. 

Squeezing out the soy sauce onto her rice, she moves around the rice with her plastic white work nodding as she replies “Yea, that's perfectly fine. It's a good movie too so I'm good with it.", as she takes a spoonful of rice into her mouth.


    Three cups of wine later, Jade's body was on fire, and she felt her pussy throbbing through her leggings half way into the movie. The way Jody fucked Yvette on the screen, is the way she wanted Darien to fuck her. he wanted him to give her that soul clenching type of sex. The type of sex you wanted to just "smack your momma" for it being so good. She could tell he was feeling something too by the way he kept peeking over at her during every sex scene, him trying to be coy about the whole situation. She decided to make the first move as she laid her head on his shoulder, grinning as she felt his arm wrap around her waist, soon she felt his hand brush against her breast, his fingers accidentally dancing around her now erect nipples. 

"Damn my bad ma, I ain even mean to do all that" he spilled out embarrassingly trying to re adjust his arm near her. Feeling the wine a little too much, she grabs his hand placing it against her breast softly saying "I liked it where it was at, papi.”, feeling her nipples harden again against his touch. Silence filled the room as she felt his blazing eyes heat up the side of her face. She turned to meet his eyes, feeling an electric jolt set off in her body. Just struck not knowing what to say, she felt his strong arms wrap around her body pulling her into his lap. 

Peering down on him she opened her mouth to speak,he placed his index finger against his lips "Shh, don't say anything just let me make you happy, ma." He cupped her chin gently pulling her down towards him, pressing his lips against hers, she felt that electric jolt spread all over her body once again. She felt a hunger engulf her as she kissed him back hungrily. Nibbling down on his bottom lip as she felt his hands reach near the bottom of her sweater, Jade felt the smooth fabric slide over her head. She slid her lips from his to meet his ears, whispering a breathy moan. 

“Papi, take me whatever way you want me” she moaned quietly  as she heard her sweater hit the floor beside the couch. 

She wanted him so bad. She wanted to feel him inside of her, feel him stretch her body to it's limits. Feeling his arms wrap around her more tightly, he lifted her up from the couch, her legs automatically knowing to link together around his waist as she kissed on his neck. He tasted like a real man should,  and his skin felt so smooth against her tongue. She let her tongue dance at the side of his neck more as she placed wet kisses in between licks. She felt his hard member poke against the bottom of her round ass. Hearing him intake a sharp breath of air between his lips as he placed her down on the soft bed, she searched for his eyes in the dark room. As light crept into the dark room, she smelled a scented candle being light on each side of the bed. Her eyes catching his as she spoke to break the silence, "Let me see that body papi, I want to see all of you". She felt the hunger in her rise more and more as he stripped off layers of clothing, showcasing a body chiseled like a greek god. She felt her breath quicken as he slipped his silk boxers to the floor showing off his chubby eight inch penis standing at half mass. Placing her hands behind her back as she balanced her self to get a better look at his body, she took in all of him in his naked glory, feeling the wheels turning in her head while she eye fucked him. Given the smirk that captured her attention, Darien crept up closer to the bed until he was on top of her. She felt his swollen member teasingly scrape against her thigh as he slid up to her face, kissing her gently. She felt his fingers trace along her bra straps, playing with them as he slid them down her shoulder blades. Reaching behind her to unhook her bra she felt the air kiss her sensitive breasts and the cold air teasing the metal pierced through her pink nipples. She felt a moan escape her pouted lips as he wrapped his heart shaped lips around her nipple. Waves of pleasure washing over her as he pushed both of her breasts together, he flickered his tongue on each nipple back and forth. Laying back as he moved down her body, she glanced up at the mirror eyes locked at the image of two of them. He kissed down her curvy hips all the way down reaching the top of her pussy, Darien placed himself in between her legs, looking up at her as he softly kissed her pussy lips. Letting out a soft moan she subconsciously slid her legs apart more giving him more access to her honey pot, he lapped at her soft clit softly slurping as he sucked her clit in his mouth. She cried out his name in between loud moans while two fingers penetrated her core as she pressed her body against his fingers. Reaching out to grip the black sheets beneath her with her hands, she pulled them higher off the mattress as she felt his tongue replace his fingers. Arching her back while she shook, she stuttered out "pa pa papi stop, you're going to make me cum all on ya tongue." He blatantly ignored her wishes, scooping her wetness with the curve of his tongue with each tongue lashing he delivered. Jade couldn't take it anymore, it's as if she felt her whole body reach the point of no return as she climaxed hard. He looked up at her with a sticky wet face. Returning a glance, she peered down at him with pure lust in her eyes. She gathered all of her strength to flip him over on his back as she went straight to his joystick. Taking the thick tip in between her lips as she ran her tongue around the shaft. She felt his body tense up as she slid her lips lower on his dick, taking his dick halfway in her mouth as she reached to massage his balls with her hand squeezing gently.

"Fuckkkkkkkkk Jade" he cried out as she deep throated his dick, letting her nose brush against his stomach. 

She gagged out to slide his dick from her mouth, gripping the wet dick she slapped it against her tongue looking at him in his eyes she moaned out "You like that papi, you like when I suck on this dick?” 

"Hell yea ma, come bend over for me real quick, toot that ass up for me ma" he spoke in a dark tone, hearing the words laced with pure sex. Quickly she got into the position with her butt elevated up in the air, grinding her body in the air as she looked back seeing him behind her, she bit down on her bottom lip. At that moment, she knew she was waiting to feel what lustful tension she felt ever since she met him on the train. Looking back at him he grinned at her as he slapped his chocolate member against her sticky clit, not being able to keep her eyes on him she turned to face the head of the bed when she felt it. He pressed inside her slowly, letting out a loud moan that escaped her lips, she believed she was in heaven at this point. She believed everything was right in this world, and there was nothing else but this moment that made her believe that. Crying out harder as he gripped each side of her hips, he slid more of himself inside her, the fever in her burning up hotter and hotter as she heard him moan out "Damn Jade, this pussy feels good as fuck. Damn ma what are you doing to me?”. 

She felt her body quiver as he dug his nails into her hips, feeling the pain and pleasure flood over her as she moaned back "Fuck me papi, beat this pussy up like it belongs to you". He took her words as it were a cue to slam inside her wet slit harder with an intensity that she couldn't handle. She kept crying out his name begging him to stop, as she felt his strokes getting slower and his breathing getting heavier. 

"Ah shit Jade, ma I'm about to cum!" he exclaimed, as she felt him slide out of her spraying her back up with a thick load of cum, her eyes feeling heavy from all the things Darien just did to her body. Whatever just happened to her made her feel so right. She was at peace. Her legs shook as she fell down on the bed. She was weak as her wet dripping pussy throbbed and ached for more of him. Then all of a sudden, she was flipped on her back. Her legs raised and pushed back over her head as her knees touched her shoulders. She groaned as he guided his thick chocolate member back inside her. She once again glanced up at the mirror, hypnotized by their reflection feeling every inch of his large dick invade her tight walls a second time. She latched her self onto him wrapping her long legs around his waist. She gripped his back with her long pointy nails digging into his brown skin as he went deeper and harder into her. She searched for his gorgeous face  as she began planting soft wet kisses all on his neck and moaning harder into his ear canal, whispering sweet naughty things in spanish, driving him to go harder. Hearing him groan and moan as she began to tighten her walls around his throbbing dick. 

"I'm going to cum again Darien!” she called out to him feeling as if her head was getting fuzzy again.

"Cum with me ma, cum with papi" he managed to get out. She felt her legs start to give in, she gripped his back harder and tighter, her nails digging and clawing at his skin as she yelled out his name when she came. Feeling him jerk and shake above her, he pulled out of her warm center, to spray his load right on her stomach. He pulled her towards him as he held her close to his chest. Right then and there everything felt right as they both drifted off to sleep...

o3. Jade

"Damn, I wonder where she was headed...TImes Square, after rush hour?..Must be meeting up with friends or some shit" Darien thought as he flopped down on the couch to watch some rerun on television. "I should text her" he mumbles to himself as his eyes are glued to the TV, barely concentrating at the impending drama on the screen as his minds wanders to her. 
"Fuck, what was her name again? Some shit with a J" he thought to himself. He suddenly remembers as the image of her deep brown eyes, her dark blue hair that fell down to the middle of her back, how her thick body swayed as she walked into the car towards the pole. 
No lie, she was beautiful..she had to be Puerto Rican or something nice like that, either way, she was enticing. 
He looks down to his lap, dressed in nothing but gray jogger sweats and his tube socks. His shoulder is marked with a tattoo of a phoenix going down to his chest along with a half-sleeve of a tribal pattern. He glanced down at the screen on his phone, full of notifications from Instagram and Twitter and texts from a girl he's been avoiding. But nothing could compare or fill his mind more at this very moment than her, Jade. 

He unlocked his phone and opened up his contacts, he scrolled down through roughly 200 names, some known, some untouched in months until he stops at J. It's the first name he saw as a soft smile forms on his lips, he quickly taps it, opening the message box. He quickly drops the phone back in his lap and looks down at the screen again, leaning back against the couch cushion, he thinks to himself 
His mind races,"Fuck, what am I gonna say to her? What if she don't remember me, what if she got a man but shit if she had one, why'd she give me her number? I mean I saw her blushing when I spoke to her, so....ahh fuck it, Let me hit her up."

He types " Hey ma, it's Darien from earlier on the train. I was thinking about you so I wanted to make sure you got home safe.." 
He quickly sends it, he watches as the message bubble turns from green to blue. "Oh she got an iPhone, thank God.." he says excitedly to himself. The read receipt goes from Sent to Delivered to Read at 8:35pm
.."Shit, she read it." he whispers. His nerves starts to get the best of him as the chat bubble forms on her side of the box, then his phone vibrates. 

"Hey, yeah I remember you. From the Q train, yeah I was going to meet a couple friends from out of town but they flaked on me so I went back home. Ugh, fuck people"" then the second message comes in " How's your night going?" 
He quickly replies as his face lights up and fear flees from his body "Man, my night kinda slow right now, I'm just watching TV, might head in early for the night. Nothing much else to do" He clicks send.
Then, she quickly replies

"Really, me too. I got all my errands done early so I'm free for the night, plus I'm off work tomorrow, my sister's gone for the weekend with her kids so I'm home alone"
As he reads the message, he wonders..
"Should I invite her over? I don't want her thinking I'm some flaw nigga that might try to hurt her. I'd love to get to know her, cook something or we could order out. Shit I got a smart TV and Wifi, they got some good shit on Netflix I've been meaning to watch. Fuck it, I'm gonna ask, worse thing she can do is say no."

"Oh word? Well, I hope I'm not being too fast or nothing but I got my owm place. I'd love for you to come over and chill. I got Netflix and we could order out or something. Since you know, we both free for the night. It's up to you though" He hesitates before clicking send.
Soon after he looks down, "Read at 8:41pm"
"Shit shit shit man, she gonna say no. She probably think I just wanna fuck."
"Nah man, fuck it." 
He glances back up at the TV as a commercial for the new Dodge 2015 car races on his screen and then BUZZBUZZ. His eyes shoot down to his phone.
"You actually seem like an okay dude, so I'm gonna take you up on your offer, where you stay at?"
"Brooklyn" he replies with lightening speed, so fast that autocorrect didn't even have time to pop up
"Oh damn, I'm in the Bronx, what's your nearest train?" She texts
"The Q and the B" He replies
"Oh, I'm near the B, text me your dets and I'll make my way out there" She replies
A smile forms on his face as he replies back
"Take the B to Church Avenue, I'm on Albermarle and Ocean Ave, 620 apt 4G, it's not far"
"Oh, I know where that is, my brother's girlfriend used to stay around there, I'll be there in a few" she ends her texts with a smile emoji.
"Shit, she on her way..Yes, but nah man, I'm gonna be a gentleman, I ain't gonna try nothing, but if she do I'll let her know that I don't wanna do her like that since we just met. But damn man..she coming."
He replies back "Iight ma, get here safe, let me know when you reach the train station.."

An hour and a half later, Darien is awakened by three buzzing ounds, he looks down at his phone and sees two unread text messages and three missed calls, all from Jade.
He presses the intercom and shouts, "Who is it?"
A soft, sultry voice replies back "It's Jade, buzz me in"
His heart starts to pound as he presses the button to let her up. He quickly runs to his room to throw on a fresh shirt and sprays himself with some body spray but before you know it.
Ding Dong.
He mumbles to himself, "shit."
He scurries over to the door and looks through the peephole, then unlocks his door and opens to see her standing there.
Dressed in a black bubble coat, her dark blue dyed hair sticking out of her gray hat , a knitted scarf, her thick thighs caressed by dark blue leggings and somewhat brand new gray Ugg boots.
She was curvy and thick, shorter than he remembered, she had a big smile on her face as she pulled her hands out of her pocket and reached up for a hug,
"Hey!!" Her voice, like angels whispering sweet songs in his ear as he reached down and hugged her. He could have sworn she felt his heart beating out of his chest.  
But yet he couldn't do nothing but smile "Hey ma, how you doing?" 
"Shit I got you standing out here, come on in, it's cold as fuck out there" he says.
"Damn," He thought to himself  as he steps out her way and looked her up and down, "her ass is nice and round, nice wide hips, got some long legs for her height. She a real 10"
"So what you got planned for us tonight?" She says as she walks in..
"Movie and a late dinner if you up for it" he says with a grin.
He then closes the door behind him and locks it and puts the chain on.
because they both knew, that neither of them would be leaving anytime soon.

Chapter 2 - Darien

Chapter o1.

    Taking a deep breath as she stepped on the packed train heading uptown, Jade held back her tongue as she tried to keep her sanity in check as people bombarded inside. "Lord, let me make it home before I cuss someone out today." she muttered under her breath. "I hear that ma, I deff. hear that" a strong masculine voice came from behind her, she turned to face the stranger to find a tall chocolate brown skin, head full of dark brown curly hair, average muscular build, but what drew her most about him was his light brown eyes with the scar above his right eyebrow. 

    He gave her the meanest mug as she gives him the sweetest smile she could muster as she turned to face the metal pole in front of her trying to hold in her blush. She couldn't help but feel something drawing her to him, was it that she was ready to strip butt naked to ride him like a pony or was it an actual connection she felt when she looked in his eyes. Turning around as she gathered all her courage to face him, "Had a rough day?" she flat out asked him peering in his eyes. "Nah, not really why you ask that shorty?" he responding in a tight clipped tone.  "You look upset about something." she glances down at the dirty subway floor trying to keep her eyes from meeting his. 
   "Nah but check it, what's ya name or whatever?". "My name is Jade and yours?" she replied hearing the train operator announce that her stop was coming up to transfer train. "Darien, but uh you a real pretty girl let me go ahead and get your number I know you feeling me the way you gave me a cute little glance" he grinned as she felt her heart flutter at the slight smirk. Stuttering as she shifted her eyes back down to the floor never being pursued so boldly"Uh uh, 718-303-5313" she stated as he leaned down into his iPhone entering her number, she heard the train operator announce "This is 42nd Street/Times Square...", "Well this is my stop, let me go ahead and get ya number before I attempt to leave this train in one piece" giggling as she nervously tucks a piece of her dark blue curly hair behind her ear. "347-574-2021, take care ma"Leaving with a grin plastered on her face as she walks out the train.

    "Damn.. this nigga really got me here stuck, fuck is wrong with me", Jade thought to herself as she ran the wide tooth comb through her curls, setting the comb to the side she laid back in her tub her thoughts going back to the chocolate tender with the bright eyes. Feeling her thoughts scramble all over the place she took a deep breath and exhaled "I don't even sweat no niggas after Torrie bitch ass, fuck am I doing letting this nigga fuck around with my head." she lied to herself knowing deep down she was tired of just fucking and leaving niggas. Her motto after her bitch ass ex left her for dry was fuck niggas get money, and that's exactly what she did, she fucked and didn't catch feelings. 

    She upheld the same rules as all men did, got what she wanted and needed and just dipped out of their life. See Jade was once a girl with dreams of getting married, having kids, building a family, moving to Long Island with a white picket fence and a couple of cute dogs. She put those hopes and dreams in a man who was a fraud the whole time, Torrie the man who changed good ole Jade into a heartless man-eater. Sighing as she shook the distant memories out of her mind she slid on the purple terry cloth robe over her shoulders as she tied up the knot in front of her stomach. Her mind slipped back to thinking of Darien his smooth chocolate skin tone standing out to her the most, as her thoughts were interrupted by the loud zip sound from her iPhone. I wonder who this could be . .. 

Chapter o1 Jade.

Staring at the ceiling wondering how long did it take the painters to paint the elaborative deco. It looked as if heaven open it's gates for you. I let out a soft sigh, at this moment I feel free I felt nothing even matter. How sweet it is to not be in a darkened room with no light. I laid inside the sheets of the queen sized bed naked I ran my hands down my breast feeling my heart beat for the first time in a long time. I let out a soft moan "Fuck" I said leaning upward to stretch.. I looked around the room clothes scattered across the luxurious hotel room. 

I bit my bottom lip running my hands through my hair. "Brice!" I yelled. Mmm Brice for months now he and I have had this arrangement of us spending our weekends together order room services and fucking each other to oblivion. Then I heard the oh so familiar sound of the shower running and him humming a song I couldn't really make out. I got on my hands and knees to crawl into the bathroom in a slow seductive stride. 

Not that anyone was watching but I felt like a wild cat. Or was it because my pussy was craving his untamed dick. My mother once told me to get out of my mood of being sad and lonely and start dating, but my heart was still with Maliah. But since that drunken night I found my self breaking out of certain routines. Although I haven't heard from her since or last argument I knew she would call sooner or later wanting me to sign over the papers. 

I'm not bitter or even sad that we aren't together anymore. I just want her to know that I'm over it and hopefully one day we could be friends. With that thought in mind I stood up and crept into the bathroom as soon as I open the door the steam trapped me into it's foggy haze I was intoxicated by the steam and the Dial body wash for men. I guess Brice heard me at the door because he was glaring at me from the shower glass. I wiped the condensation of the glass pressed my full ample breast on the glass and kissed the glass teasing him. 

Teasing him even more I did a sexy little body roll and hip gyration for him he looked at me and bit his bottom lip mouthing the words "Come here" . I shook my head No. He started to stroke his dick slowly with one hand and reaching out for me with the other. I looked at him and willingly took his hand he help me step inside the the tub as I planted my feet he grabbed my arms kissing me passionately. Pressing my body against his I slide my tongue in his mouth. He had the softest lips he gripped my hair back and started sucking my neck running his thick tongue across and up my neck. "Ooo God" I said. 

He started gripping my ass pulling me on top of I wrapped my arms around his neck with one hand he held our balance wit the other inserting his dick inside me. As I felt his tip meet the entrance of my pussy I started to shake. I wrapped my thighs around him tighter as he pushed himself inside me gripping my hips  pushing my hips towards him. I sucked his bottom lip "Ooh Shit" he said clamping my pussy tighter around his dick I felt him go deeper. I dug my nails into his skin. "Brice baby, fuck this pussy like you own it" I whispered in his ear. 

He started to growl I held onto him as my body fell up and down on his wet chest. I bounced on his dick repeatedly "Omg Nicole I love you" he said, I felt cold I stopped bouncing. He looked at me to see why I wasn't responsive. I went blank. What words do you say to someone who just said they loved you during sex and never said it before? Brice kissed my lips he knew I wasn't  going to give him a response. I climbed off him he hung his head and smirked "Wow, really?" I looked him kind of speechless. "It's not like that" I said, Honestly I don't know Brice I don't wanna tell you I love and I'm not sure. "We been fucking for 5 months now you still don't have any feelings for me?" he said. 

That's not true I care a lot about you, I just thought you knew this was just strictly sex. He looked at me mind boggled "I do now Nicole" he said. I didn't mean it like your a booty call or that aren't important to me baby. It's just I don't wanna say that just yet. He looked at me and laugh "You're right I guess I was caught in the moment." he said. I left the bathroom wrapping the robe around me that was hanging up. I reached into my pockets grabbing my phone, I was sure I had miscalls and texts. Which I did I started thinking about what Brice said, I really need to close the chapter in my life with Maliah. 

I couldn't say I loved him just yet but he has given me so much happiness these past few months and he was worth at least a shot. I could hear Brice in my bathroom running the sink faucet water to brush his teeth. I dialed a number that was so familiar to me I called her. I felt foolish after the third ring. On the fourth she picked up "Hello,HELLO?" she said. I cleared my throat, Hello Maliah I said. She sighed and she Hey. I wanted to make the conversation short and sweet like how she once was. Look I'm calling because I'm ready to sign those papers and just wanting to hash things out with you. She seemed startled. Then she cleared her throat "Really?" 

Yes I said, So when you have time we could meet up and get things rolling. "How are you though?" she asked  I'm good, I can't complain. Babe, room service is here! Brice said in the background. "Babe?" Maliah said, I chuckled mmm "Wow Nicole she sounds like a guy" she laughed He is a guy I said. She went quiet "What?" Since when? Look right now isn't a good time but whenever you have time I guess we could catch up. I could hear her sadness in her tone. I gotta go though I said. "In a small quiet voice she said I love you Nicole" I love you still. I wish the feelings were mutual Maliah. As I hit the end button I felt a weight lifted off my heart. Moving forward is hard work but I can't be stuck in the pass.

Cruel Intentions Part 5

I knew something was different when I woke up and the curtains were ajar my eyes were blinded by the sunlight. My mind was hazy felt as if I woke up in another place other than my own home, my hands roamed over the sheets to pick up phone to see what time it was as I caress the sheets I felt what seemed like a leg. I immediately jumped up covered my exposed breast and grabbed the night light on my dresser. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?" I saw movements from the covers the person started to mumble. I thought in my head well thank god their alive. A raspy voice hissed through the cover. I yelled out loud WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU, I'M CALLING THE POLICE RIGHT NOW! They jumped up, Hold up what? Police for what? Why are you in my bed? my fucking house! I said, you brought me here he said! My mouth dropped " I brought you here?" that doesn't make sense well if I truly thought about last night was all a fuzzy memory. All I could truly remember is popping some popcorn and watching a movie. He looked at me and said Hello Nicole, are you ok?

You know my name, I said? Yes he replied we talked all night at the cafe down the street you came in and order coffee and a burger. I looked at him with blank eyes I mumbled I don't recall that at all. He looked at me very concerned and started to put on his pants maybe I should go he said. No, I said tell me more about what happened last night and what's your name. He looked at me with a look of damn you really don't remember my name. He said, my name is Brice I looked at him and said Brice I don't know what happened last night but I need you to tell me everything. He said I will are you going to call the police? I looked at him and said should I? No, I don't think so I mean everything was consensual. WE HAD SEX? He shook his head as if I was really embarrassing him then looked at me Yes, we had sex covering his mouth as if this situation really disturb him. Do you do this often like black out and not remember what happened? This is my first time it ever happened I never done this before it was protected sex I said?

 He said of course, I wouldn't risk my life for one night with a woman who doesn't remember my name in the morning. I looked at him, For all I know you could be lying and you wan't me to take your word for it. I don't remember what happened so I'm relying on you to tell me what happened now if it's amusing to you maybe we should call the police. You could have drugged me and raped me, he jumped up first of all lil momma I'm not a rapist I don't do that shit! Secondly how would I get into your house it heavily gated and there's a security guard downstairs that signs people in and out. How would I know you? He made a lot of sense they don't allow people in unless the person that lives there verifies them. Did I drink last night Brice?  Yea we some margaritas and damn did you down them you had like five. I thought to myself OMG shaking his head this makes so much sense. When I drink I initially do things I forget about the next morning. I sat on the bed with my hands covering my face I'm so sorry Brice. He stood up it's OK honestly this never happened to me before so I'm just kinda eeh.

What next he said, I looked at him and said I don't know honestly have you seen my phone? He walked over to the side of the bed and handed my phone. "When was the last time for the very first time" was displayed on my screen. Cruel Intentions, damn I said I really took heed to what he was saying I don't think he meant sleeping with random people though. I looked at Brice he was attractive but that gave me no reason to excuse my behavior. I never done this before Brice that's why I'm asking so many questions. He looked and nod as if he understood and like if he had known me for years he said "I'll stay here if you want me to" I thought to myself I mean it would be nice to have some type of company but it would be to weird. I told him no and sent him on his way. 

Later that day I relaxed and started to watch the movie I had on pause I started thinking I need saving I thought to myself this is why I don't drink because of this very reason blacking out not remember what happened the next morning. I remember the first time me and Maliah had our first argument because of how I would forget the things that transpired the night before. I hate feeling like that like I'm not in control losing apart of myself because of something foolish. My phone ranged it was a number I didn't know. Hello! I said  sounding alarmed hey it's me Brice.

 Just checking on you, Damn I gave you my number too, shaking my head Hey, I'm fine how are you? Great,great thank you for not calling the police look although this morning was weird I loved the conversation we had the night before. You're really down to earth and besides  you owe me dinner. Did I tell you I would cook for you I said? He said yeah, Well I don't cook I said but maybe we could go out to dinner no drinks though. Are you asking me out on a date Brice said. Don't flatter yourself just dinner and some conversation. Brice, you said we had sex right? Brice went silent yes we did. How was it I asked, him he sighed and said it's all I could think about all day it was amazing. I blushed and said amazing? Yeah amazing! I scoffed I need you to tell me about it all of it. He laughed and said we can discuss it over dinner in the quiet corner in the restaurant. I sighed I can't wait.

Cruel Intentions Part 4

I love this Nicki get it lil bitch lol.. CHIRAQ new music

Nicki Minaj Chi RAQ

The shower is where I come to complete my thoughts staring a hole into the shower head my mind started to wonder. Thoughts like "Where did this water actually come from?" How old is the water we drink? I mean the earth is billions of years old, there's no way you can clean millions years of water. Standing in the steamy hot shower pouring "Dove" extra sensitive body wash into my loofah. Gliding the soapy loofah into my golden brown skin stretching my arms out lathering my forearm and elbows with the suds I look down to my feet and wiggle my toes. Looking at the elaborate tribal tattoo on my left foot brought back memories of when I got it on that cold October night.

 I was so drunk completely drunk Maliah and I promised each other after our exams we would have couples night and do something adventurous, "Oh baby we should get matching tattoos!" she said, I don't know Mal I don't like needles and besides where would we get it? she thought for a second "Our feet" she said, I thought long and hard about it. I mean it's something I had thought about. I saw a tribal tattoo online that I was very fond of and saved it on my computer. I sighed OK, Maliah I guess I muttered. She did a wiggle dance of excitement, snapping back to reality the bathroom had became a stream room.

 Taking the loofah pouring the water into my scalp stepping closer into the shower head opening my mouth letting the water fill the rim of my mouth, spitting it out gently running my hands down my body lifting my arms admiring my freshly manicured hands gliding the loofah to my ample breast rubbing the loofah across my nipple. In the distant I could hear the phone humming, messages galore I bet. My boss had my phone number he wanted to make sure I could come into work, since I isolated myself from the world I indulged myself into hours of mind boggling work days.

 I stepped outside the shower wiping my hand across the mirror looking at myself in the face puckering my full lips applying lip gloss across my apricot colored lips. Looking into my eyes was another story they seemed dull like no life lived in them. My uncle once told me that "The eyes are the mirror of the soul." Then I must have been dead. If I could see the dullness I wonder what others saw I mean I guess they figured something was array because of my wardrobe had been all black attire. To me black has always been appealing and I didn't feel like picking vibrant colors if it wasn't my mood. The phone started to ring all these calls in one day I pray no one has died like seriously. 

I dashed into my room answering the phone "Nicole?" Hello? I look down at my phone it was my mother. Mom? Hey what's going on? You called like six times. My mother in her heavy island accent " Don't hey mom me" where have you been child? You don't call,write,send SOS SIGNALS nothing. Why is that Nicole? Mom I said I've been really busy working paying bills making a life for myself you know that. "Cut the bullshit Nicole" your living alone in that apartment in isolation still moping around like some high school girl whose first love broke up with them. 

Time to move on from "Her" My mother never called Maliah by her name, mother was totally against us being together at first, then she came around to liking her. Mom! Please I'm not moping around I have things to do honestly and I'm grown I didn't think I had to check in with you everyday! "Excuse the hell out of me little girl, I should cut your tongue out for the rudeness but I'll let you live today only because I know your sensitive. You need a man in your life, someone strong to hold you down my love. A MAN who will provide and protect you. What's the difference ma? I exclaimed

When it comes to infidelity they all cheat men and women. My mother sighed, so your not attracted to men? I am I said, I haven't found anyone worth being with. "It's because your not looking, your in a funk." Nicole no matter what I love you I just want you to get over this thing. I know mom, I appreciate your concern I said. I could feel her smiley warmly through the phone. Goodbye Nicole she said, Bye mom I said softly.

I sat on the edge of the bed thinking of my mother words she had a point, What's the point of moping it's over time to write a new chapter I was young and eager for new experiences. I said I didn't want Maliah, so why was I still harboring these feelings. Why was I still doing the same thing day in and day out I reached for my phone scrolled through my apps. I realized then I had three new messages from Mate& I was hesitant to look at them due to the weird and crazy people who usually responds to profiles of young women. I was a stickler for profile names it told me a lot about a person what they liked what they were truly interested in. I clicked the messages. 

TxBoiDollaz sent you a message PASS.. Mr.Black..Hmm I'll have to see what's that's about. Cruel Intentions has sent you a message. From some odd reason that caught my eye Cruel Intentions? I opened the message and the lined read "When was the last time you did something for the very first time?" I sighed and thought to myself it has been a long time since I've done anything new. I clicked the picture on the side of the screen there he was a brown skin man with green eyes not contacts but greenish brown eyes that were alluring  with full lips I looked into his eyes and got lost. I read his profile his tagline read "In the middle of nowhere is where you'll  find your strengths and weaknesses" 

That statement made me think of how true it was because during time of despair you find yourself latching to the things to make you feel stronger people places things. You find weaknesses in the things you can't live without. I went to the messages I hit reply, I wrote in the message Your question is complex but to answer it has been awhile I live based on a schedule so nothing new. I sent the message, thinking I wouldn't get a reply til later in the day. 

 Cruel Intentions has sent you a message, I look down at my phone in surprise he's fast but his reply was interesting.
"What a pity, I would say your not living life but you're breathing so technically you are ALIVE But when you live. Everyday is a brand new chapter of a beautiful beginning I don't want you to feel like I'm crucifying you. How can you free yourself from the bondage of your schedule add something new into it. Explore and free your mind. More importantly have no regrets in your decision."

I stood in the full length mirror stared at myself doing something for the first time had always been fulfilling I thought to myself. Holding my naked breast letting go be free for once in a long time EXPLORE.

Cruel Intentions-Part 3

With this gospel infuse rap Rick Ross Big Sean Kanye West has a BIG HIT!! ALL I WANT IS A 100 MILLION DOLLARS AND A BAD BITCH!

Rick Ross-Sanctified

New music by Drake, I'm loving this song if you can't take subtle hints you would miss that this song is loosely about Rihanna.
Sitting during lunch break thumbing through other people profiles on Mate& I mean there were some good candidates but no one truly caught my attention. I put the phone down the glare of the sun was bouncing off the screen. A hour for lunch I didn't know what to do I could go home and eat that would save me some money by my job only being a mile away, but I was tired of eating t.v dinners.

I started rolling my eyes at the thought that my ex knew I was eating t.v dinners. My mind started to drift away while my car was in parked. I could hear her voice asking me if I wanted my eggs scrambled or sunny side up. The way she stood in the mirror in an oversize shirt brushing her teeth, the way she moaned when I caressed her lower back licking her ear lobe to her neck and the shower sex was amazing.

She was the only woman I have ever loved, I met her in college we were room-mates it started off as a playful flirting and kissing as girls do when they are in college experimenting. We knew it was more when we tried dating other people guys of course. It drove us both crazy, to see each other get dressed up walking out the door to a pointless date that wouldn't go pass second base our excuse to the men were "My room-mate is locked out of the room". It worked like a charm we told each other how the night went.

You don't want to sound to eager to find out if they went all the way or not,you wanted to know but then again you didn't because it would only hurt you. So one night I blurted out so what are we doing? She looked at me as if I was speaking another language, What do you mean? I looked at her while I was speaking getting closer to her. I mean what are WE doing? She jumped back from me as if I told her I had something  and said "I'm not gay!" it startled me because this whole time I didn't think I was gay, I just liked her. I rushed into the bathroom feeling completely foolish.

 I went to class thinking about what I have done I liked her. I even loved her in some retrospect does that make me gay. I just thought she was sexy she was thick, thick everything thighs,lips,hips I could see why, she wouldn't want to settle with a woman because she was sexy. I daydreamed about kissing her and licking every part of her. Ugh, I think I'm gay well bisexual but she got me that way, I blame her ass she's so fucking tempting walking around the house in boy shorts and a small ass bra. How am I suppose to feel, the way her ass hang out them shorts was against the law and she knew what she was doing Fuck her.

Days after the incident had went by and  we didn't speak, I damn sure wasn't backing down to say something to her. She would glance over at me to see if I would  look at her. I felt disappointed I didn't expect her to act like that, but oh well I wanted to prove to her I wasn't gay either.

 I got dressed up in a two toned freakum dress showing my the curves my bountiful breast and ass was up for display. I went into the bathroom and that's when I saw her through my peripheral "So" she said going out tonight? I gave her nonchalant answers like YEP,MHMM,and NAH-UHN..She sensed the fact I didn't want to talk to her so the questions stopped.

Then a knock at the door we both jumped, she got up to open it and there stood a 6'7 310 pound man of thickness named Coraun we both let a low soft moaning sound. I immediately stood up to greet my gentleman caller his golden-greenish eyes fell over me,biting his bottom lip he said "You look really good tonight" I said thank you in a girlish way.When I looked back I could see a look of jealousy and a hint of concern like "Is she serious on her face". I mean she isn't gay so why, is her eyes glaring into mines. To break the awkward silence I said "Don't wait up" and winked. Coraun chuckled he looked at her and said "You have a good night" then smiled.

I skipped the dinner and movie I wanted that dick, I told him that I was feeling light headed and could we go to his house so I could lay down for a minute. He didn't refuse, I lean over and started stroking his dick he started to moan one thing that made my pussy go wild was to hear a grown ass man moan..Fuck!! I thought to myself, as a chain reaction I unzipped his jeans and started  rubbing his dick through his briefs as the seconds went by his dick grew with excitement my mouth started to water. I tugged at his briefs then opening the slit reaching inside to grab his dick. At this point he had both hands on the wheel looking down at me.

 I grinned at him and with one seductive glare I started to lick the head of his dick, he let out a deep gasp I ran my tongue up and down his shaft viciously his veins started to protrude through his thickness. I positioned myself my knees on seat deep throating him faster. He twirled my hair with his fingers moaning begging me not stop asking me why my mouth felt so good around his dick. Slurping faster, that grown ass man started to whine forcing my head down further on his dick I started to gag.

 I closed my eyes and started calling him Papi "Is that what you like Papi?" massaging his balls Coraun let out a loud FUCK MA! I screamed yes Papi cum in my fucking mouth. He jerked up all I saw was blue-ish lights behind us. It's the fucking cops he said, he pulled over to the curb.In a rush he reached for the glove department to get his registration. He couldn't even look at me the cop walked over to the car. 

"Well damn aren't yall having the time of yall life!" The police was nice he joked with Coraun said that he was a lucky man to be getting head from a beautiful girl and he wasn't a hater. The police glanced at me and my lips and full breast and shook his head no ticket just a be careful and get home. Coraun let out a big sigh of relief and looked at me DAMN GIRL YOU DANGEROUS and kissed my lips.

I looked at him and told him I was sorry for the scare but my maybe I should go home, he looked disappointed more like "damn I was expecting some head in a comfortable bed". But he was a gentleman and took me home I promise we would get together soon.

I walked through the door and there she sat by the door she looked at the clock and smirked "How did your date go?" I looked at her and said who said it was a date? You did she said, Oh? I said well it wasn't a date. So what did you guys do then? You ask a lot of questions, why does it matter we had fun whatever we did. I went into my room to take off my dress she followed me. Did you fuck him? she asked Why does it matter Maliah? She looked at me with worried eyes, because I'm your friend and I care about you. I turned to look at her and laughed your something else ma. 

I'm saying like did you? I looked at her and slide my oversize shirt on freeing my breast from my bra. She walked up to me and my grab my face tongue kissing me gliding her hands down my frame my knees buckled I started to tongue kiss her back moaning for the first time I felt weak by the kiss. You're mines she said no one else's I won't allow it I love you Nicole, I jerked back Love me? 

But your not gay remember? she laughed I don't know what I am but I know what I feel for you . I kissed her and caressed her. I feel the same way Maliah I don't know what I am but I love being with you too it kinda hurt me to hear you say you weren't gay. 

I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable I just love it when we are together. She looked at me and asked "Did you and him fuck? hell no I said, I wasn't gone that long to have sex babe. She sighed and lent in to kiss me sucking my tongue  "Baby" she said Yes bae? Why does your breath smell like dick? I looked at her and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. You little slut you sucked his dick didn't you? I looked at her she smiled back and said what did it taste like?

A loud tap on my car window woke me from my day dream it was co-worker checking to see if I was ok, I nodded and said yeah I'm fine thanks for asking. I looked down and realize the game I was playing before my daydream said 
G A M E O V E R.
Damn once it's over it's over I started the car up to get the much needed food my body needed. A loud hum from my phone it was a text message from Maliah I whispered I'm not ready for round 2 not yet.

Cruel Intention-Part 2

Me waking up at 2:30 AM always sent my body into overdrive, I've always been told that only bad things lurk at 1A.M thru 5AM in the morning I guess they are right. Because there was only one thing
my mind wanted at that time of morning. I went to the bathroom cutting on the lights that automatically made my eyes squint. Looking in the mirror realizing they were really red I ran the faucet water splashed it on my eyes.

The red lines sprouting from my pupils were a dead give away that I was in a deep sleep. If someone was to ask me why I was woke I couldn't answer them. My body seems to be wired for the night life, if I was from a big city I would had called a cab and went to the nearest club or restaurant.

 But when you live in a small town like I do, you really don't have many options either take your ass to sleep, take a cruise around your city or call someone to curve that sexual appetite that you might have built up through the day. In my case I couldn't call anyone, because well I didn't go out much and I was to afraid to give people my number and them not being about to understand that I wanted no attachments.  

But this morning I was feeling a little adventurous. I heard about this new social media network where casual hook ups where not frown upon. I mean me personally I could never use Facebook as a hook up site to many friends in common and now that people love to screen shot conversations and pics I truly wanted to be anonymous.

Of course I would never do a casual hook up, times were to risky, but what's wrong with a casual convo of what if's and thinking hard about different scenarios. So I made a account on Mate& but here came the hard part; thinking of a handle (you know your screen name) hmm VibrantLeo nah to colorful. I wanted something straight to the point. Hmmm TongueTied bingo so I used TongueTied as a screen-name, and of course to my surprise it was in use already "Damn it, I thought to myself" Fuck it, EXPLICKIT and before I could do it, the name went through.

Damn! why did I do that? but Oh well,what is done has been done no going back, uploading a picture was the harder task do I want to use a picture of myself or some image off of Google. I didn't want to trick anyone of thinking I'm not who I say I am, but I don't want them to actually know who I was, so I decided to use a older picture of myself. 

I know what I want from this situation just someone who I can engage in conversation with during the 2 hour commute from work and back and on some lunch breaks. I promised myself nothing sexual just someone, who I can get through these dull lonely nights with. That's when I got a loud hum from my phone it was a text from my ex. I let out a loud sigh of hesitation do I want to even read it.Thinking I should; delete it and not care what was said but I opened it.

Ex: It's been 5 months I have given you, your space like you asked I tried calling before texting. I know you're alive because when I drive by your house I see your car. I need those paper signed about the house, just hit me back ASAP please.

Apart of me wanted to say nothing and go back to building this profile online..But fuck it I'll respond.

Me: Well,well,well look who it is looking for an answer, to be honest I don't know when you'll get those papers but I wouldn't hold breath. But you seem good at doing that since the last time I seen you, you were on your knees...Well you know how that story goes.. Fuck you and that house.

I smiled, as my fingers glide over my phone chuckling at the fact this bitch needed something from me this text should get it together, sending the message lifted my heart and all that fucking stress. The phone hummed again. I opened it up.. 

Ex: First of all I know I fucked up, secondly you are not perfect you fucked up to! It's so easy for you to say, I'm a fucked up individual when you were never home. We didn't fuck, you were totally disconnected! After the baby died you just completely stop giving a fuck about us; especially yourself you let it go. And I'm not saying it like it wasn't hard for me,but you forgot about me I allowed you time to grieve and for you to figure out a way to cope but I saw no hope. I apologize for not being forthcoming to you. I HAVE NEEDS TOO!

In a fit of rage I started to bite my nails then I started to think of all the pent up aggression and angry I had in me to muster up a detail message.

Me: You have to forgive me for not giving a fuck about your needs or the fact that you think that I should have changed my work schedule that contributed to help US to get that lavish ass house on the hill.

AND BITCH HOW DARE YOU BRING "Kaiden" into this fucking fight. The baby had nothing to do with why I disconnected from you.Your so typical the original spin artist, you want things your way or no way well bitch I'm not your parent I don't do temper tantrums. Instead of worrying about why we didn't fuck ask yourself why would I want to fuck your whiny ass. Since you want that house you can have it but don't ask me for shit. Sincerely, No Fucks Given 

I sat there with a smirk on my face after I sent the message waiting on a reply 4 minutes went by,

Ex: One day all this will pass and I'll forgive you, I see clearly your upset but I'm not! You see life goes on darling. Your not living your life your in hiding for God sakes, SMH you dress in all black, the curtains are drawn in  tiny apartment, you're miserable probably eating frozen t.v dinners. LOL aww you mad your soo fucking sexy when you're mad it looks good on YOU.

The smirk was gone by this point, fuck! It wasn't suppose to be a battle but I felt defeated, The point of me not talking to them so they could know I wasn't worried or didn't care about the situation. I wouldn't respond back no one has time for the back and forth especially when you had nothing to talk about, but I have the upper hand they want my signature. There shall be a round two and I will be mentally prepared, but  back to this profile..

Tagline: I can't be there with you,but I can dream...


Cruel Intentions-Part 1

While Chris Brown is in rehab someone is leaking his music on the internet. Newest song New FLAME.

Chris Brown-New Flame (New Music)

Oprah seems to have a lot of faith in Lindsay Lohan, but when Lindsay starts going down the wrong path Momma Oprah intervenes.

Kanye West remixed and Beyonce added of herself taming Stallions..

Kanye West Remix to "Drunk In Love"

I'm just loving the fact she rocking black hair again..

Nicki Minaj - Looking Ass Niggas ( Official Video)

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