Posted by : Novey Justice Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is is a orginal poem by me I hope you like it please leave feedback if you do :D
You don’t want me to be real you want me to be funny I’m not the one who gets philosophical but these are times of need and the password is greed. Running from the truth that lies within we still aren’t free in our minds because society has hindered us. How can the system be equal when we are not considered people? We are objects of worth and status only to be gawked at nothing more nothing less.

You don’t want me to be real you want me to funny I’m not the one to get emotional but who are you to tell us that we haven’t came far as a people, race, movement. We criticize who we are because we don’t fit what the media portrays of wealth and beauty. Believing what some inadequate rapper told you what was cool and having hanging gold ropes on your neck and gold and platinum teeth in your mouth is what makes you a man and bragging about what all you got gave you some clarity and clout but in all honesty you don’t need that because you are a man of virtue and honor no one can take that from you. So look deep within yourself to find out your worth and your wealth. You don’t want me real you want me to be funny I’m not the who gets rude but the insecurities of your image is what draws depression looking to be something you’re not fantasizing about what if you were her and if you had this you would. The prettiest people sometimes do the ugliest things but the ones who have low self-esteem just sit around and dream about all the pretty people. Loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give self because at the end day no one has to look in the mirror and look at you. They can’t walk a mile in your shoes they don’t think or speak like you. Unfortunately I’ve been real but the funny thing is ya’ll don’t hear me. Nothing more nothing less

Alesia Nicole

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