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Although she keeps her close friends laughing on her Facebook and twitter page Alesia Turner bka Novey or Alesia Nicole Ming is deeper than most 25-year old females I've met.She is truly wise beyond her years she often say's that she is an older soul in a even older body.What some might not know about her is that she is an author and a amateur song-writer her poems were published in a book called "Laid" by Shannon Broodram which came out in 2009. I had the pleasure to sit down with Alesia and ask her some fulfilling questions.

XariaParis: I didn't know you wrote songs, that's fascinating how long have you been writing and are you working with any local talent?

Alesia: The songs I write are locked inside my computer I love Microsoft Word.(laughing)I haven't totally released any songs to anyone I'm not comfortable letting them go. I've been writing poetry and music since I was 14 I remember the first time I wrote a poem it wasn't a true poem it felt like a letter. (I wish I still had it)

XariaParis: I read some of your poetry you are so deep it seems like you love so strong it's truly flattering but as much as you love hard your heart break just as harder.Why is that?

Alesia: It's because I'm a lover a lover of music,art,love,sex and intellect it drives me to push the boundaries to actually mumble the words the emotion I feel within myself.I love hard because I want someone to love me for me and love me for the things I can bring to the table and I want to be acknowledge for it. I believe treat others how you want to be treated. But sometimes those sentiments aren't met you cry a little than you move on.

XariaParis: Wow, that makes sense you must of had a lot of loves in your life. Would you care to share the emotion of one relationship?

Alesia: Only one! (laughing) Well I can say I've only loved 4 men in my life they are truly amazing men I wouldn't trade those relationships for anything.But my love that never came to fruition was Ja'Rell I loved him so much he was my best friend I grew up just gawking at him and him just thinking I was this awkward girl.But as time grew the relationship was so much deeper than...(It was bigger than us.

He moved to New York and he would come down and take me to school even when I was in another relationship he would still be my friend no one ever came in between us our friendship.I loved that that's what friends are but.. I don't know (So when he died I was in utter shock)I still think about what if;what if he was still here.Maybe I would've had less heartbreaks.

XariaParis: You recently posted you were bisexual, I was like wow what made her do that but also thought it was really brave. What made you do that?

Alesia: Well to be honest I was tired of hiding it I was tired of not being who I was around my friends I would never push my sexuality towards anyone it really isn't anyone issue but my own. But I did it because I wanted to be honest I wanted to be free. I was talking to "Her" and listening to the Frank Ocean'Orange Channel'and it was then I knew if he could do it. Why not me I have nothing to lose so I posted it and I didn't think people would actually see it.But I was wrong (laughing) I was so touched really.

XariaParis: You had 35 likes 15 comments on one single comment that says a lot about the kind of person you are to people. Amazing!

Alesia: I guess I feel great I have people who are supportive and I have "HER" and I couldn't ask for anything else.

XariaParis: I have a feeling things will be different for you I think in the near future you are going to be brighter than a star.

Alesia: Wow, really (shaking her head) I don't know man I hope!

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