Posted by : Just Justice Saturday, August 11, 2012

Azealia Banks went there with Jim Jones after the Twitter Beef.
Clearly Jim Jones ended his side of the beef calling her a "2bit Slore".
But Azealia Banks Took It There!

"Designer clothes, attention his stares. You're a man though, why would you care (BOY). You're not a fan though, cool off my air. My man hoe cum Jones on his dildo, why the pull on your hair? Yeah, look at this queer. His booty prepared, your oozie is where?
Liar, liar, never fucking fire, fire. Here's a reminder hymen. True life, stole all your chains? (Yes). Max B, rode all your flames? (Yes). Montana, rode on your wave? (Bet) Kill a chord you a lame.
It takes a Harlem bitch, to execute a Harlem bitch.  You pop shit, I pop shit no problem bitch."

She could of easily left it alone buuuuut.. NO. She decides to make a whole diss track and those quotes was part of the last verses of the track. Want to hear it? Listen below.

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