Posted by : Novey Justice Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nicki Minaj is showing that she is a woman of her word a few months ago she told The Breakfast Club that she planned on giving a free concert to her fans because of  the mishap at Summer Jam. "No one deserve to be talked to or treated like that" she say's I agree just because you might not enjoy her music doesn't mean that her adoring fans won't
In an effort to give her fans the show they deserve Nicki Minaj tweeted about a makeup concert that will be held at a secret location in New York.
"We are excited to offer the first 1,500 fans the opportunity to attend the show,” the website linked from her Twitter profile read. “You must line-up at the venue no earlier than 12 noon at the secret location. The first 1,500 fans in line will receive wrist bands, that will guarantee access to the event.”
Lack of respect definitely contributes to some of the biggest issues in the entertainment industry. Minaj has earned every bit of her success, and the makeup concert should definitely be worth the wait for the folks who gain access inside on Tuesday night.

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