Posted by : Just Justice ASMR Thursday, August 2, 2012

As seen on Media Takeout,

K Michelle was SHAKING THE TABLE at the love and hip hop Atlanta reunion and turned it over!... so said MediaTakeout

"What happened? Well K Michelle was on stage talking VERY RECKLESS towards Memphitz and his celebrity wife Toya Carter. According to K Michelle, Memphitz BEAT HER UP . . . and she is disappointed that Toya would marry "an abuser" - as K Michelle calls him."

"Rasheeda reportedly GOT IN K Michelle's face and the two started FIGHTING. But Rasheeda lost . . . BADLY"

The producers are thinking rather they should or not show this fight on the tv show reunion.
To me K Michelle be so quick to hit lol i guess she #Notalking #Allaction. I feel it.
Ummmmm I most definitely want to see this fight on the show. Grandma Sheeda vs. Momma K

BUT K Michelle and Rasheeda later tweeted,

Only any idiot will believe anything they read. How smart are u????"

I'm gone make this crystal clear!! Ain't naaaaa bitch touch me point blank period! Mto (MediaTake Out) source is a muthaf*ckin lie! .."

Altercation? maybe.
Fist fight? Look at the tweets. I mean, clearly lol...

Anyways, do You think there wasn't a fight? Or do you think rumors have it? I think not and mto full of BS lol.
But if it is true, Do you think they will show it? Or producers will fall back?
I guess we have to wait and see ;)

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