Posted by : Novey Justice Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just like a song you know the lyrics too just like the feeling that comes over you, when you know that something is wrong.It's a feeling in the pit of your stomach it's like why, how could it be.

It's all in the air you can breath it and you wonder could other people smell it to. The feeling of longing wondering where you belong feeling if it's real fiction or fact. That time when you can't find the ability to say NO! or the courage to say yes.

But in the middle of the chaos you find bliss you find your true happiness your motivation to move on to take what's yours to sneak and hide to tell a lie to cover up the truth. To call a truce to look your enemy in the eyes and say "I forgive you" to tell the one you love "I'll never forget you" to live and die in a place of security to know that without you a place or home would be empty.

That teenage love you remember until you are in your late 20's to believe that one day that fairytales all have happy endings. Fighting and cursing each other to hell but knowing when you make up the sex will burn the sheets like an inferno. The sexual tension between you it's so blatant it can make a blind man see and lain man walk make a newborn talk and make a priest sin and wish upon himself a thousand hail marys. 

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