Posted by : Novey Justice Thursday, September 13, 2012

Being bitter will never help you succeed or help you get what you think deserve, My motto is "What Comes Around Goes Around". See sometimes you have to step aside and let the person or people get what they deserve. Because in life we are given lessons and we have to learn them to become a better person and dwelling on the past is bothersome to people around you. So pick up that baggage and throw them in the river and look for a new luggage. Don't get me wrong it's okay to think about the past and to think of the pros and cons of different situations,but if the other person isn't thinking about how they hurt you then why give them the satisfaction of being the person who is miserable. 

Honestly, it's so hard to be the bigger person and not calling a person out for every foul play that they make. It's easy for a person to forget who was there in the their time of need and for those people who stuck in there and rolled with the punches seem to always sit on the sideline when things are great for the other person.People aren't disposable you don't use them and throw them away like they are yesterday's trash. With that being said this philosophy is used with corporations and wealthy people to get what they want no matter who toes they step on. Ruthlessness and backstabbing actions will only lead you down a path of loneliness and sorrow no matter how much money or fame you have, if you have to come home to a empty house were there's no love or warmth you will surely die.

Never burn bridges, never forget who was in your corner when you needed a shoulder to cry on. Be person of dignity,pride and self-worth don't be jealous of someone else happiness. If you pray hard enough and wait your turn you will find what is meant for you and no one could ever break that bond or that gift from your fingers.


By: Alesia Ming

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