Posted by : Just Justice Sunday, September 9, 2012

Have you ever did something you weren't suppose to do and tried to cover it up lol? I know I just did. 
I ate my mother candy last night that she bought some days ago, thinking she dun forgot about it. 
So today she asked me about it telling me to bring it to her... lol i just felt like "DAMN" if my ass could of waited a couple more hours lmbo. 
So I had to act dumb and act like I didn't know what happen to it. So I actually went and wasted gas to go buy her a new one and put it in the same bag she bought her's in some days ago 
as if nun happen and I randomly found it. 
Remind you they only sell that candy in a store that WASN'T in my town so I had to drive a short/mini distance for a piece of 75 cent candy. 
I can tell that she knew I probably had went to buy a new one but at least she got her candy back even though I wasted good gas lol! I love my mother though :) I'll do that for her.

I guess all i'm really trying to say is... if you have that urge to want something that isn't yours, Or you want to do something you know you shouldn't do... just wait a little longer. Then you won't have that "Damn, I should have waited a little longer" feeling if anything was to happen. I mean anything could happen randomly and you don't want it to back fire or have you feeling some type of way moments later. 
LOL. Karma is real. Minor and Major.

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