Posted by : Novey Justice Monday, October 15, 2012

As I eat my favorite side dish (MACARONI) I had an epiphany let me give my two cents about something I seen a couple days ago on WSHH! Yeah you know Bus-Driver "debo's" teenage girl or Bus Driver uppercuts passenger. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT WATCH THIS FIRST THEN READ ON!

Now I know most of you have A.D.D so I won't go on and on about how I feel so let me get straight to the point. NEVER EVER NEVER EVER! PUT YOUR RAGGEDY ASS HANDS ON ANYONE! Women I know sometimes men provoke you to wanna slap da fuck outta them but honestly don't do it. Someone I love  dearly is doing 27 YEARS IN PRISON for killing someone because for a bad decision. And MEN in no circumstances should you EVER hit a woman!

Now that I said that.. I'm going to be honest.. Everyone is human and you are going to make mistakes because that's how humans learn by  trial and error SEE where she fucked at is being in the man face calling herself going off on him and like the old saying go "IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT GET OUT THE KITCHEN" If you can't take someone JOANING on you then bitch shut the fuck up and sit your ass down. No need to hit him at all. Now you can run  your fucking mouth call him everything but a child of GOD but never physically hit anyone.

And MISTER BUS MAN I CAN TELL this isn't the first time you HIT A WOMAN! The way you hay-makered her ass see you DEAD AS WRONG.Because you not only joining in with the joaning session but you took it in your hands to beat her ass. And you had no remorse, see it's people like you that makes it hard for people to believe it when another person says their sorry! You continually, went in on her I mean damn did you forget you work for the city and I hear that you are on suspension, You can kiss  that nice lil pension plan goodbye. But see that's what happens when you wanna play BILLY BAD ASS.

Rosa Parks fought to keep her seat in the front of the bus because she was tired that was a movement to better black people.. YOU FIGHTING BECAUSE THIS MAN CALLED YOU SCAR FACE! 


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