|Alesia Says 101| How To Mind Your Damn Business in 2013

I know most of you guys don't like to read or have A.D.D so I'll make this short and sweet. What the problem is people don't know how to mind their business it's a age old problem that is going to get people in a lot of confusion and drama.

As you know by now Kanye and Kim are having a baby and some people are happy for the couple and others are on extreme hate. Why though? Aren't they millionaires last time I checked big bank took lil bank. They're adults in their 30's having their first child! BITCH MIND YOUR BUSINESS...if they're happy then that's all that matters on the situation.

 Oh this isn't a subliminal to anybody but if you feel like I'm talking about you please let me know chile SO I CAN GO TO JESUS ON THAT ASS YESS GAWD! See minding your business and telling your business goes hand and hand..People be like they all in my business and telling lies on me. If you shut the FUCK up maybe people wouldn't know and GAWD FORBID the wrong people get a hold of some juicy info about your ass now you up shit creek all in your FEE'S FEE'S.

 I asked some of my friends what's some good ways for people to mind their business in 2013.. Some of the suggestions were:
 1.Find a hobby arts or craft
 2.Watch Youtube
 3.Play Scrabble or Ruzzle (addme AlesiaLOL)
 4.Go sell knicks and dimes on the corner.
 5.Read the Bible

 On a serious note I believe that sometimes people consume themselves with other people drama or life. But I learn when you got some much shit going on you don't have time to be in the middle of some FUCKERY. You can give all the advice in the world to a person at the end of the day it's about what they want to do. And if it all fails it was a great learning experience for them good or bad nothing like the school of the hard knocks. IT'S A JUNGLE OUT HERE LION,TIGERS AND BEARS. Unless you ready to put on your PUMAS... I SUGGEST YOU TO SHUT THE FUCK AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS.