Posted by : Novey Justice Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today I woke feeling indifferent God,not questioning your divine power because once again here I am standing in front of this mirror grateful I get another chance to praise you.As you know I'm only human but I have these thoughts in my mind some good, some bad some I won't speak of because if they pass my lips then maybe they will enter the universe and hurt others.

 But what do you do when your actually sixteen and pregnant by someone who doesn't recognize your worth and could careless if you and the baby die. Conversations are at a minimum. I have decisions to make to keep a life or to kill it to live my life,I cry for you God make this decision easy for me or make sleeping on my stomach easier

.Can't put all the blame on him he didn't know that I had a sexual appetite that could match a 20 something year old woman.It's kind of funny how I LOVE YOU makes me feel so weak I should have been smarter than that GOD.My mother coaching me telling me "it's your choice" the only man I know for sure who loved me  my grandfather disappointed in me and to know you disappointed your guardians makes you feel so bad.

The day before the abortion I really would have liked a word of encouragement from you the day of the abortion I wish you were there to hold my hand. But I guess when it's not your legs in those cold steel stirrups it doesn't phase you. I don't hate you never will never could I grew up fatherless now in a weird way our child is motherless and fatherless. But is an angel with their wings looking down at us and I'm so sorry for that selfish act can you forgive me? 

 My letter to GOD

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