Pimping The System: The true story of Rashia Wilson

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the premiere of Pimping the System. I'm your host Desean "DJ" Justice. 

In this first installment we'll chronicle the rise and fall of a operation built from the mind of a woman with a 6th grade education. Someone who challenged the US Government and was winning...until they caught up with her. That person is Rashia Wilson.

Ms. Wilson along with her boyfriend Maurice Larry pulled off a multi-million dollar income tax defrauding scheme by using many fake returns and stolen identities (from both dead and alive entities). Everything was smooth sailing for this dynamic duo for dastardly deeds getting done dirt cheap.  But the things they bought was anything but. Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada purses, clothes and glasses, customized pieces of jewelry, cars and TV's.

Even to the point of wearing clothes one time and disposing them in trash bags because they were balling like that. Not only were they robbing the government but they were receiving welfare payments and food stamps from them as well. It's pimping at its best and although white collar crimes isn't rare, to steal and be provided by the very same source is not only slick as hell but dare I say the American way.

But with great power comes great responsibility for which she failed to show. As she felt she was so untouchable and far from being reached, she posted this picture of herself on Facebook with the following statements below:


"I'm Rashia, The queen of IRS tax fraud..."

"I'm a millionaire for the record so if u think indicting me will be easy, it won't."

YOU MOTHERFUCKING DUMBASS!!! Rashia, you was scot-free committing the perfect crime, you was going for yours and I wouldn't blame you one fucking bit. Hell if the IRS going to take money away from the people without being penalized...then why cant we take it back in kind. You reap what you sew right? Just imagine what kind of damage you could have done with a college education. However, you reverted into your ratchetness and made a damn fool of yourself by taking a picture with your ill-gotten riches. Basically challenging the authorities to try and catch you. And guess what??? Your ass got caught point blank period! 

This is a precautionary tale of doing dirt and NOT covering your tracks properly. She slipped up and did some stupid shit and now she's dearly paying the consequences of her actions. Rashia recently went to trial and verdict came back...guilty as charged. 


She'll be serving 21 years in jail. Assuming she being held with no possibility of parole the 27 year old will be 48 when she's released. She leaves behind 3 children for ages 2 to 12 to be lost in the system all because you want the world to know that's you're paid off of others hard earned money. Funny, in a twisted world where snitching is disallowed...most folks tell on themselves and wonder why everyone is in their business. This queen was mutinied by her own foolish pride and self-absorbed nature mixed with the failure to realize that when you fuck with the government's money, they will indeed fuck you back rough, rugged & raw with no Vaseline.

"It's best to make people think you're a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."