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I know I'm months late but it's still need to be addressed b/c if we don't then the world would truly go to hell in a gasoline-soaked hand basket.

I was just going through a few youtube vids and recalled a story about Jay Harris, a teenage wide receiver from Downington East High School in Exton, PA. This kid wasn't just your average, run of the mill wideout. He's garnered the attention of not only several schools, but the celebrated ESPN High School rankings as its 2nd best WR and 17th best senior in the state.

One of these schools is Michigan State for which they offered him a full ride scholarship for his academic and athletic prowess. This kid seems to have a very bright future ahead of him...but there just one little problem. It seems that playing in the NFL wasn't in the cards for Mr. Harris. After signing a letter of intent to MSU, he decided to forgo his chance to go to college for... wait for it...

A Rap Career.

That's correct he turned away from a sure fire situation just because he think he can be the next Lil' Wayne or Drake or Kanye. Seriously dude...seriously? He has already drop his "mixtape" on June 1st and haven't heard a damn thing since about it. I'm strongly guessing this happened...

Hey I got this new CD I purchased for cheap let me hear a little bit of this.

(4 or 5 songs later)

Why the fuck did I get this piece of shit for! The flow is fucked up, there's no rhythm, and the beats sound watered down, generic, and straight up lame. I can do beat boxes that sounds better than his shit!  

But I'll give him some credit though, he picked the right rap name. Jay DatBull. They missed an important part of his name but then it wouldn't be radio friendly. In all seriousness I'll post the link to the video that cost Harris his overall dignity and possibly his sanity albeit temporarily.

After listening to this grade-A certified P.O.S. (Piece of Shit) I render my verdict as follows, he should stick to the gridiron where you truly shine. Real talk Jay...Rappers are a dime a dozen with a million in one shot in the dark to actually get a major record deal. There's you and literally a few million others trying to do the same thing and most are really hit-or-miss. Because if you poll 100 people whether you want to have 4 years in college paid in full or try to become a rapper in a ultra hyper-competitive market where you likely not make it big? It'll be unanimous who'll be in your spot, that same spot you left open all because of you wanting to achieve a dream that's too farfetched.

In conclusion, Jay "Datbull" Harris I hope all is well but if your music career fizzles out...better hope another college got them full ride scholarships on deck. Just have a Plan B my brother. The world is a Bull for real...just make sure you're not the one being gored. 

"If someone shows you who they are...believe them."- Maya Angelou



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