Posted by : Desean Justice Saturday, August 3, 2013

Welcome to the first installment of What The Friday? as affectionately known as WTF in this blog. I'll uncover some of the crazy, offbeat, simply off the wall stories that'll have your head scratching in straight up confusion.

This first story revolves around the marriage proposal of DJ Khaled to one Ms. Nicki Minaj. When I first heard of this story I'm like damn dude really? You wanna wife that foreals? But then I thought ok maybe it's not that bad. For all we know they could've had a secret relationship going on the entire time. 

And then this video dropped.


Damn that's so romantic there Khaled. First off thanks for letting everybody know that you're pouring your heart out to this lady by way of MTV. It's truly great to give a small shoutout to the channel. Secondly, I had no inkling of an idea that success was a illness. It's not the damn flu and if it was I'll like to get infected like Bill Gates or Donald Trump. Also noticed he said he waited a whole year and wanted to propose to her in yet another public forum at her music set. (which he was a producer of said video) Not to say popping the question in public is a bad thing at all. However, within that year why in the bluest of blue hell why you couldn't asked her to marry you? it's because of one of two things. You found out she wasn't interested or you didn't have any actual intent of settling down with her.

But the main reason that this story is so damn ridiculous is the simple fact that Nicki has a boyfriend. Yes folks it's true she's been involved with this guy since before she truly been put on the map. If this isn't the most out of pocket bullshit that anybody can do then I don know what is. Add to the fact that he spent a $500,000 on a damn engagement ring  for a chick he's not even dating let alone smashing, is plain asinine and fucking idiotic. When admiration turns into infatuation and eventually into obsession you cant fully blame her for what she did next.

Not only Nicki promptly declined his request for marriage, she one upped him by placing a restraining order on the DJ. Stating that he creped her out by showing up everywhere she was at, maybe he looked at too many stalker movies in his spare time. 

But in all seriousness he got pussy whipped minus the pussy and that's the difference between being sprung and being thirsty for attention. I truly hope you got all the attention you wanted out of this debacle because even though I believe that Nicki isn't truly a saint and all the members of YMCMB run through that ass like Amtrak at least they were smart enough not to go out like you did Khaled. Hello this is your dignity and I LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!         


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