Posted by : Novey Justice Monday, September 23, 2013

Time is a virtue, most people aren't rewarded with so let's make this short as possible. I want to address how the time is totally bias, when you want to go faster it drags its ass to its own pace. And when you are having the time of your life it puts its running shoes on and dashes through time like no other. But as minutes turns into hours and the days creeps up so quickly I think about does the time affect the way we live our lives.

Making no excuses for how people  live their lives or the actions they partake in, is the "TIMES" the reason why people are losing their damn minds I mean honestly it's no compassion for life or other people personal space. I wonder if people from 50 years ago which time were equally bad for people of color although the prices were cheaper; feared for the people of the future but were excited to see what the future might bring. Even though we are rewarded with new technology, civil rights "sometimes" and newer faster cars did the mindset change or is it a pattern that continues to repeat itself through our ignorance. We're lacking morals and I consider myself a liberal person but we can not live our lives based off things we see on TV. They are characters made for our amusement not to be mimicked. 

  I fear for the future for the children, will they have the luxury that we were rewarded for good behavior will morals be instilled can we make the world better while living in a time that's completely corrupted. Will ruthlessness and greed be a great trait to have, but when you think about this world you understand time co-exist together and as sure as the night falls and the day rises there will be outrage and mayhem. Although we live in such a world; we can still show some compassion and love its rooted inside you to do good or evil and time will uncover you actions. 

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