Posted by : Desean Justice Thursday, September 26, 2013

As the video is stated above these people are waiting for the new iPhone 5S to drop. It's just a small, slight upgrade form the previous model. Yet, most of these fine folks have been waiting at the most two weeks in line for this damn phone that'll be outdated before you get home because they'll be debuting the iPhone 6 or something.
Please do us all a favor and stop being puppets to these corporations every time they put out a new fucking item! Hell most of the time all your paying for is a recycled or rehashed product of what you already possess or of something that was already made. Just checkout the video above for more of what the hell these folks are thinking and why in the blue hell are they doing this. 
BTW: If you are actually planning on doing a sit in for this B/S at least do like a few of these guys did and get paid for it. Get ya hustle on!

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