Posted by : Novey Justice Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I know what you're thinking it's been awhile but God I've been a bad bad girl I know you're looking down and saying I truly lost my way and you're right. I'm not good at this relationship thing I'm a really bad liar too I thought if I could lie about certain things it would be better but that truly bit me in the ass I've learned to not be so open with people because certain things don't need to be revealed.

 I have a lot of broken feelings my heart shattered but my sex drive is not. I mean older men has always been my favorite I'm young they like what they see and if I like them I'm going in for the kill. They are stunned to know that I'm as young as I am this height and this weight portrays a different story I try not to look for trouble because God knows I don't want to be in those cold stirrups AGAIN so I most definately play it smart. I learned the older the man the more discrete and I like that I'm not really trying to fall in love because why would I want to. I learned the hard way about using sex to gain someones love.

My second failed relationship I think about him a lot but I know he isn't thinking about me so I use the time with others to escape how I truly feel inside. I need you to watch over me, because I'm not really focusing on the things I need to be my life isn't spiraling my heart is.I did it to myself never allow someone to expose who you are have the courage to tell your story no matter how dark it might be Who can you trust?

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