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As most know I have a love/hate music-ship with a Toronto born boy with Jewish descent this being his third album not including his mix tapes Drake drops NOTHING WAS THE SAME I peep that Drake drops new albums every year and half I guess that's enough time to get the feel for his album and make it the best it could be. Most people feel that he is a soft rapper but in his defense not all rappers have to be hard for me it's about what your message contains and did you or do you live the life you claim you do. Although rappers are known to exaggerate their wealth and what they possess most people like to bring real life situation to pen and paper and music to better narrate their stories.. Enough about what I think this is a track to track review of each song...

1.Tuscan Leather- Intro to the album him hinting at some things going on  at the record label, him not talking to Nicki Minaj although he says it's something he did. I feel like Drake feels conflicted he might want to venture out to do other things but his loyal to YMCMB is bigger than that. I rate this song a 6 because it was the longest intro ever. LOL

2.Furthest Thing- A very laid back song something to vibe to he is letting you know what he does low-key. I personally like this song because people can relate to it. I feel like he is talking to someone personally from his past. (Letting her know what he is been up to) I rate it a 8 

3.Started From The Bottom-When I first heard the song it was so catchy and everyone was claiming they STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW THEY ARE SOMEWHERE ELSE.I rate this song a 5 because I heard it so much it's redundant

4.Wu-Tang Forever- This song is so thrill Drake give you some playa shit I love it when Drake talk shit for some reason this is one of my favorite songs on the album. I rate this song a 9.. Because no one is perfect v.v

5.Own It- It was nice but I wasn't feeling it love you Drake maybe it will grow on me I think it was the auto-tune but I must say if you were getting it in! ( YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) it would be perfect! I rate it a 6 
PS: He does a little Mase flow from Mo Money Mo Problems I love Mase so that was a bonus for me.


7.From Time- This song features Jhene Aiko a lovely my favorite line she says is " I love me enough for the both of us" deep this song gets a 10 from me. I can relate to it Drake is going to basics with this song.

8.Hold On, Were Going Home- His new single from the album for me when I heard the song i was like "meh" lol but it's catchy very 80's to me it would fit perfect with the GTA franchise I saw the official video it made me like the song a little more but overrall I give the song a 5.. I like singing Drake sometimes but in this case not so much.

9.Connect- I was a ok song wasn't feeling it maybe it will grow on me maybe not I rate 5.. It's veryyyy FRANK OCEAN TO ME.

10.The Language- Drake is known to fire shots but no one ever knows who he's talking about, it could be a lot of people but the song overall is a 6 to me. it was OK.

11.305 to my City- I get it I get it kinda. IT GETS A 6 TOO I think he spends a lot of time in Miami

12.Too Much- I love this song very laid back Drake went in on this song he gets a 9 from me the hook is dope loved it.

13. Pound cake/Paris Morton Music - The intro to the song was funny the features Jay-Z he and Jay rap while together I liked it was a nice old school vibe.. with excerpts of CREAM in the song I give it a 8. Jay mention that Beanz is mad at him I got my own thoughts on that.. Two songs in 1

14.Come Thru- Drake loves his strippers it was a cool song 6

15.All Me- THIS IS MY SONG I heard it the first time I went crazy I loved it's a 10 features 2Chains and Big Sean, Big Sean killed his verse FLAT OUT...Not a big fan of 2Chains though... I sing this all the time it was a great song to close the album with. I have this song on repeat.

The synopsis of the album is that it's a good one is it his BEST album to me no.. Thank Me Later WAS MY favorite but it was a great buy and over time it will grow.. I would say that his CD might be top five of rap releases of this year.

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