Letters to God Vol 3.By: ME Age:18

I come to you humbled God my last situation was something serious it still weighs on my conscious hard. I'm not perfect as you know but I'm looking for something I never had. While growing up I had some figures like shadows who watched me grow into who I am, but unconditional love I'm not sure of. I had some mishaps with and you know. I love hard and I'm feening for a warm embrace dear God something to call my own and I promise to cherish him wholeheartedly. I won't bruise his ego, I'll treat him like a king like how all men should be treated. I'm pretty sure I'm worth it even though I'm 18 my mind is older than that I see him in my dreams he towers over me.

I forsaw him I was afraid but with reassuring I gave it chance. I can't believe this really happening to me a love all mines and he is crazy about me. I mean I'm pretty sure we are in love, I'll take heed from my other mistakes and make this last. Every day we communicate it's like Romeo and Juliet I dream of him and as soon as I wake I have to hear his voice. When we see each other its pure bliss if we were being watched it would be quite interesting to say the least.

 Although, we are young we most definitely partake in adult activities that I'm not totally proud of I know I'm sinning but I'm taking it all in stride and you know sex has always been my weakness  he is showing me the world. I know this is love because when I'm with him all my worries and stress depletes itself and when he leaves me a part of me die inside. Rapunzel was locked in a tower looking for someone to come rescue her, my  prince rescues me I'd do anything for him. Thank you for answering my prayers with a good man like him I could achieve so many things!