Posted by : Desean Justice Friday, October 4, 2013

2 weeks.

14 days.

336 hours.

It all equals up to the same amount of time where a lot of events can occur... 2 Sunday's worth of football, the time period between paychecks, and about 16 hours of looking at Pro Wrestling on TV.

For one child however, 2 weeks seem like an eternity when shackled to an radiator like a wild animal. Weak from hunger as every day, hour, minute seem so far out of reach. Worse of all, you're not being held captive by a kidnapper asking for a ransom nor are you in the middle of're at this hellhole that you call home and the ones whom inflicting this unfathomable amount of suffering is the one's who your suppose to love, nurture, and protect you.

In Camden NJ, A 10 year boy was seen running away from his home until he was stopped by Samuel Alamo, a neighbor a few blocks away. After the neighbor described him as looking starved & malnourished, they place a missing child report to the cops. The statement that was made by this child shocked even the most seasoned of vets on the force.

As a punishment he's to be chained and locked to a radiator pipe by his ankles while occasionally having plastic zip ties on his hands and forced to sleep on the floor uncovered. 

Chief J. Scott Thomson of the Camden Police Dept. stated "This level of depravity inflicted upon a child is chilling, We're just thankful that the child had an opportunity to escape and report what has been going on so we can arrest this couple and put a stop to their cruelty."

Florence Pollard, 31 along with her boyfriend Brian L. Craig, 29 were arrested and charged with 2nd degree count Endangering the Welfare of a Child and 3rd degree count of Criminal Restraint. They both are also held on a $50,000 cash bond. All of her 6 kids ages ranging from 11 yrs. to 7 months have been placed in the NJ Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

Have you noticed in this whole blog I've never referenced her as a mother. Why?

Simple, No sane human being does that to another person let alone their own child. A child who you're suppose to care for and nurture. Instead you choose to treat him worse than a fucking animal. You along with your punk ass pussy whupped boyfriend decided to demoralize and demean your own flesh and blood. I hope you never get bonded out of jail and even sadly, Ms. Pollard is currently pregnant with child No. # 7. A 31 year old with a seventh kid...unfucking believable. 

She's not a mother...She's a monstrous, vile, cruel, uncaring, demonic sperm banking bitch who doesn't deserve to see the light of day nor have ANY your kids back. Best believe the devil is building a special wing in HELL tailor made just for you. If you or your boyfriend even make it to trial I hope and pray that you'll prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and forced to be chained to your cells by your cellmates and sleep on the cold hard floor uncovered.

Don't get mad at it...It's simply poetic justice.         

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