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Although this year to me was very short, I know that 2014 will feel even shorter I guess that's how it is when you grow older. One thing I can say is we have been blessed by really good music. No pun intended some of my favorite artist put out great music like Kanye,Jay-Z,Drake,Childish Gambino and lots more. But overrall I got my top 5 and I'll explain why they are my FAV. I'll start with 5 and go to number 1, that being my favorite of 2013.

Kanye West-YEEZUS

I love Ye my friends would tell you but for me this album I couldn't do it don't get me wrong their were a couple of songs on the album that I actually liked. And I know it's a favorite to a lot of people who heard it and I know in the future it will be sampled. But for me I just couldn't grasp it. Ye is a phenomenal producer and I understand what he's saying referring to getting into the fashion industry. I like the fact he is doing something different and I do like different but I don't like yelling and feeling like I took a bad acid trip. :( And let me be clear in my Barack Obama Kanye is a musical genius but this album wasn't My Dark Twisted Fantasy which to me was AMAZING. Although it wasn't MDTF I appreciate the different sound most people would never stop out their element to do something they liked not caring how others might feel. As we all know Kanye follows the beat of his own drum and that's why he will go down as one of the greatest.

Drake-Nothing Was The Same

Drizzy I love this man I can't tell you why but he is my husband in my mind he is truly talented. I saw him in concert. It's been some years since I been to one I figured it was worth it honestly. He made me want to go to other concerts. Nothing Was The Same, I did a review on it was a mixture of cool and great. It was 4 on my list because it honestly wasn't the best album I heard this year. It was a great album but it wasn't OMG I love every song on the CD. And that's what I look for in a album music that I can listen to through out and not skip a song. I love Drake but it wasn't Thank Me Later, But I guess that's the point I damn sure don't want the same music from him but sonic-ally Thank Me Later was better. Anyway, Worst Behavior,Come Thru,Wu-Tang Forever, The Motion (my favorite) All Me, From Time, damn that's half the album!

Pusha T-My Name is My Name

This was hard it was between Pusha T,Jay-Z and J.Cole all albums were dope but Pusha T album was very consistent  he took his time and it showed. He didn't want to push out any bullshit and as a music lover I appreciate it.  Songs Like King Push,40 Acres,S.N.I.T.C.H,Sweet Serenade and many more songs on the album that were brilliantly produced how can you not like it. Pusha to me I feel like he isn't recognized.Let's be honest  he raps better than most rappers out now! won't call them out because they might be your faves.


Justin Timberlake-20/20 Experience Part 2

Justin came back with something amazing I didn't really care for Part 1 but this was dark more sexier more inviting.I love the album especially because it wasn't pop I felt it was more R&B. I honestly believe that he really enjoyed making this album. I was impressed there wasn't one song on the album I didn't like. Two albums in one year. I commend him for being eager to give his fans great quality music. Songs like Cabret,TKO,True Blood,Murder and Amensia were my favorites all together it was a great album and I truly enjoyed it.

Childish Gambino-Because Of the Internet

Every song on this album is amazing whomever produce this with him is phenomenal I can tell that he wanted it to be perfect and he succeeded although some songs did leak it didn't take away the experience of listening to the album. Real name Donald Glover no relations to Danny Glover is a comedian,writer,producer and whatever else he wants to be is a true artist. To me I feel he is underrated but not for long I hope people truly take him seriously because he got it. Like I said some people out now are truly taking back hip hop/rap and Bino is one. I love the album non-stop bangers. With no big name cameos on it made it that much better although Chance the Rapper and Jhene Aiko did feature in some of the songs.In my honest opinion your guest artist shouldn't out-do you on an album. Although it was my favorite I do feel some Frank Ocean inspirations in the album it feels like Channel Orange 2.0 not saying that's a bad thing, just it sounds  like what Frank Ocean would have done on his next album. 

Beyonce-Self Titled Part I

First off let me congratulate Be' she sold 1 Million copies of her album in 72 hours that's phenomenal with no promo, no warning, no smoke signal, no nothing. Can you believe all by word of mouth and it flew fast I've listen to the album and saw the videos and to me it was the best album from Beyonce I've heard. I'm not a STAN but when good music is put out I have to admit, she did a great job on it. 
Some people say they didn't like it and they felt rushed into buying the album because it was BEYONCE and BLAH BLAH. No one forced you, I think she also started a new thing major stars are going to start taking the same approach. Artist have lost of lot of money because of album leaks since the age of the internet where everything is available by a touch of the finger. 

Songs like Mine,Superpower,Blue,Drunk in Love,Ghost,XO,Jealous and Flawless are my absolute favorite. Not to only say that she recorded the songs she also did videos for them that's unheard of it.. I mean it isn't but none of them were leaked but a little bit of Grown Woman but were shortly taken down. It was a complete surprise to her fans and music is suppose to make you happy she succeeded. 

Wale-The Gifted

I know at the end of the day this list isn't what other might like but to me it was the hardest decision I had to make. Artist like Jay-Z, Eminem, J.Cole, Meek Mill, Mack Miller, didn't make my list  although they were all good..I had to give Wale a honorable mention I loved the project I understand why he flipped out at Complex magazine,but like me say this a mention in a magazine doesn't do this album justice. 

So a small time blog isn't going to cut the cake. Everyone wants to inch way from being a conscious rapper but not Wale I'm feeling this pro black rap we need that. I can honestly say in our generation of Hip-Hop we have so many different types of rappers it's like a candy store you can pick and choose your favor. Wale, you that dude and I commend you for staying true to your craft. Songs like Love/Hate Thing,Bad,Vanity,Gullible,Bricks and Clappers are my favorite just keep making music for your fans because we love it.


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