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Every year I do a shout-out blog to people who wants to be on it and people who are special to me. I love a lot of people soo the L WORD is thrown out there a lot "Hey you gotta tell people how special they are while they are living!"

Shonda King-whaddup gangsta don't hurt nobody chile!
Akasha-Simone Renegade Dexler-Kashy! Thank you for putting up with my shenanigans LOL 
Kandee Ester Riler - I want to tell you how proud I am of you and that I wish you the best at everything you do we known each other for a long time and your growth has triple ten-fold. Love you much! 

My brother Jimmy Blacc (Percy, I finally get why you changed your name lol and I love you lil bro couldn't ask for a better little brother even though you kinda cray cray!) You and Chance are the most important men in my life right now!
Jerry Lynn Brownlee-I see you teddybear
Eric- seven years of totally support and love my guy I thank you and I appreciate you
Marquita Mullins-I love you cuzzy the same person who has the same sense of humor as me..Let's be crazy together.
Honey B.Del-Rio-Omg your having a baby and we wanted a girl he's a boy King Siyeed Wallace Williams is going to be great. I'm so glad we are still close and I got MAD love for you SHAWTY.. You don't know this but you helped me through a lot and I'll never forget that.
George Pheeney-My online dad keeps me entertained with meme's I one day want to troll like you..but no seriously you are the best. You might get hated on a lot you are still the coolest person on FB!
Whitney Bryant-My twin it was a pleasure finally meeting you this summer although it rained the whole time! I enjoyed your company hopefully one day soon we can do it real big! Love you sis and stay GORGEY
 Jared Lewis-HI
Alisha-Crazy ass twin-twin but so loyal and True love you beesh!
Monte-You old school you my throw back homie and I love you, we gone kick it I promise!
Mrs.B-I love you,although you will never see this just know I WROTE IT DOWN! I love you ma'am!

Justa Downass Chick-One of the most loyal woman to her man I commend you for being postive and working so hard and even through the midst of the bullshit the justice system putting you and yours through you still laugh crack jokes and have fun.GONE GIRL!

<3Melly Mel-I love you sooooooo much and I'm glad that me and you can finally can stop saying what if and finally are doing it! Thank you for being so supportive and wonderful I can't express that enough to you.ONE day we shall sail the CANALS of VENICE,ITALY together I dream that!
Gia- You Wild and Creative love you sis DAMN, what I'm I going to do with you!
Roh- <3 NIECEY!! 
Winter-<3<3 Love you sis!
MeDeadly Olivier- My favorite troller of ALL times!
THE KIDDIES-My babies I love you all soooo much may 2014 be sweet for you all.Your the best kids I could have may all OLD shit be irrelevant in the NEW YEAR.
Appreciate you all for being there for me I know I am some what distant but it's nothing you guys did or doing just sometimes I get into a shell and I don't talk. But just know I'm here forever!! 2014 I promise to be a better friend and GOD MOM!

This would go on FOREVER! If you liked my stat laughed at my pics commented. Look at my blog in my group thank you!! AND FOR THAT I SHOUT YOU ALL OUT!!

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