Posted by : Novey Justice Tuesday, January 14, 2014

 In the middle of the night I creep, I lurk through the shadows of darkness piering over all that inhabiants the Earth. Only if the scenery was that grim, I'm writing this at 1:18 am the ability to sleep early and get up even earlier is amazing.Who knew a person could be so functionally although these are forbidden hours has my mind racing. I just want to say, when I first thought of the blog I didn't expect much from of it but I wanted a platform to say and do what I wanted you know freedom of speech to share insight of who I am and what I like.

From the beginning I knew that it would be a challange, but at that time I needed something that wouldn't give up on me or leave me when it got bored or tired with what I had to offer. So I devoted my time and effort to this, it's hard to want a larger platform when statiscally it's said that "No one reads anymore" which is disheartening. I guess what's more evident for me is that this is the only project I have continually worked on I have taken breaks. I always came back to this doing what, I love expressing myself no matter who would read or watch. I look at this blog being a memoir of things I and others have put together. If no one believes in your dreams continue to do it, because someone out there will stumble across and it will give them inspiriation to finish or start something they said they would. 

As two years of the blog approach quickly, I want to say this two year love affair is something I'm very proud of and if it's in me I want to continue it  no matter if no one reads, nor visit it SODISENFRANCHISED  is my baby and like a proud mother I open my arms and embrace it with warmth and love. Never let anyone make you faulter on your dreams,continue to chase them in the long run you will look back and say I did it and it's all mines.

1:43 AM As sleep, creeps faintly in the background  I crawl into my corner closing my eyes to get the broken pieces of sleep I yearn for. Because only in my dreams is where I live and hopefully one day these dreams will transform into reality. 

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