Posted by : Novey Justice Monday, January 27, 2014

I have to say this year Grammy's was better than anyone I have seen previous although some of the awards were not justifiable the performances were great. First off, Beyonce opened up the Grammy's with Drunk In Love.
 So people say they Damon Wayans it "HATED IT" but to me it was a cute little performance WITH her hubby, to all who were expecting a little more. Take in consideration the video was a intimate setting, but I didn't get the wet hair..HMMM

 Lordes performed "Royals" first off this chick scares me and I don't know why is it me or does she sound like Willow Smith when she sings... She won 2 awards for the song though..

 Katy Perry Dark Horse performance was cool she got it in.. I mean nice little choregraphy.Juicy J came out nice.. It was cool the only part I liked was when the beat dropped. Shrugs shoulders (WAS IT BETTER THAN MILEY CYRUS PERFORMANCE? FUCK Yes!!)
Ok this isn't a performance but I wasn't feeling Pharrell Arby's Hat I mean he is such a fashion forward guy
 v.v I felt like he bought that hat at Six Flags are something. But Daft Punk helmets were dope!
 Robin Thicke and Chicago, super dope performance
One of the most talked about performances was Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons with Radioactive and M.a.a.d City mash-up it was dope one of the best performances of the award show..You can also see Taylor Swift dancing in the crowds.
Taylor Swift Not So Well, I'm not a big Taylor but she did perform there so here's her performance. She looks pretty o.o
The biggest to some was Macklemore officating 33 straight-gay marriages on T.V with Queen Latifah and Madonna. It was a special moment for the newelyweds and the Grammy were really brave to allow them to share that moment there.

 To top the night off Pharrell Williams Daft Punk Nile Rodgers and Stevie Wonder perform "To Get Lucky" it was a legendary performance I love Stevie Wonder. The crowd truly felt it was well I loved it!
Over all it was a great night.

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