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Sitting during lunch break thumbing through other people profiles on Mate& I mean there were some good candidates but no one truly caught my attention. I put the phone down the glare of the sun was bouncing off the screen. A hour for lunch I didn't know what to do I could go home and eat that would save me some money by my job only being a mile away, but I was tired of eating t.v dinners.

I started rolling my eyes at the thought that my ex knew I was eating t.v dinners. My mind started to drift away while my car was in parked. I could hear her voice asking me if I wanted my eggs scrambled or sunny side up. The way she stood in the mirror in an oversize shirt brushing her teeth, the way she moaned when I caressed her lower back licking her ear lobe to her neck and the shower sex was amazing.

She was the only woman I have ever loved, I met her in college we were room-mates it started off as a playful flirting and kissing as girls do when they are in college experimenting. We knew it was more when we tried dating other people guys of course. It drove us both crazy, to see each other get dressed up walking out the door to a pointless date that wouldn't go pass second base our excuse to the men were "My room-mate is locked out of the room". It worked like a charm we told each other how the night went.

You don't want to sound to eager to find out if they went all the way or not,you wanted to know but then again you didn't because it would only hurt you. So one night I blurted out so what are we doing? She looked at me as if I was speaking another language, What do you mean? I looked at her while I was speaking getting closer to her. I mean what are WE doing? She jumped back from me as if I told her I had something  and said "I'm not gay!" it startled me because this whole time I didn't think I was gay, I just liked her. I rushed into the bathroom feeling completely foolish.

 I went to class thinking about what I have done I liked her. I even loved her in some retrospect does that make me gay. I just thought she was sexy she was thick, thick everything thighs,lips,hips I could see why, she wouldn't want to settle with a woman because she was sexy. I daydreamed about kissing her and licking every part of her. Ugh, I think I'm gay well bisexual but she got me that way, I blame her ass she's so fucking tempting walking around the house in boy shorts and a small ass bra. How am I suppose to feel, the way her ass hang out them shorts was against the law and she knew what she was doing Fuck her.

Days after the incident had went by and  we didn't speak, I damn sure wasn't backing down to say something to her. She would glance over at me to see if I would  look at her. I felt disappointed I didn't expect her to act like that, but oh well I wanted to prove to her I wasn't gay either.

 I got dressed up in a two toned freakum dress showing my the curves my bountiful breast and ass was up for display. I went into the bathroom and that's when I saw her through my peripheral "So" she said going out tonight? I gave her nonchalant answers like YEP,MHMM,and NAH-UHN..She sensed the fact I didn't want to talk to her so the questions stopped.

Then a knock at the door we both jumped, she got up to open it and there stood a 6'7 310 pound man of thickness named Coraun we both let a low soft moaning sound. I immediately stood up to greet my gentleman caller his golden-greenish eyes fell over me,biting his bottom lip he said "You look really good tonight" I said thank you in a girlish way.When I looked back I could see a look of jealousy and a hint of concern like "Is she serious on her face". I mean she isn't gay so why, is her eyes glaring into mines. To break the awkward silence I said "Don't wait up" and winked. Coraun chuckled he looked at her and said "You have a good night" then smiled.

I skipped the dinner and movie I wanted that dick, I told him that I was feeling light headed and could we go to his house so I could lay down for a minute. He didn't refuse, I lean over and started stroking his dick he started to moan one thing that made my pussy go wild was to hear a grown ass man moan..Fuck!! I thought to myself, as a chain reaction I unzipped his jeans and started  rubbing his dick through his briefs as the seconds went by his dick grew with excitement my mouth started to water. I tugged at his briefs then opening the slit reaching inside to grab his dick. At this point he had both hands on the wheel looking down at me.

 I grinned at him and with one seductive glare I started to lick the head of his dick, he let out a deep gasp I ran my tongue up and down his shaft viciously his veins started to protrude through his thickness. I positioned myself my knees on seat deep throating him faster. He twirled my hair with his fingers moaning begging me not stop asking me why my mouth felt so good around his dick. Slurping faster, that grown ass man started to whine forcing my head down further on his dick I started to gag.

 I closed my eyes and started calling him Papi "Is that what you like Papi?" massaging his balls Coraun let out a loud FUCK MA! I screamed yes Papi cum in my fucking mouth. He jerked up all I saw was blue-ish lights behind us. It's the fucking cops he said, he pulled over to the curb.In a rush he reached for the glove department to get his registration. He couldn't even look at me the cop walked over to the car. 

"Well damn aren't yall having the time of yall life!" The police was nice he joked with Coraun said that he was a lucky man to be getting head from a beautiful girl and he wasn't a hater. The police glanced at me and my lips and full breast and shook his head no ticket just a be careful and get home. Coraun let out a big sigh of relief and looked at me DAMN GIRL YOU DANGEROUS and kissed my lips.

I looked at him and told him I was sorry for the scare but my maybe I should go home, he looked disappointed more like "damn I was expecting some head in a comfortable bed". But he was a gentleman and took me home I promise we would get together soon.

I walked through the door and there she sat by the door she looked at the clock and smirked "How did your date go?" I looked at her and said who said it was a date? You did she said, Oh? I said well it wasn't a date. So what did you guys do then? You ask a lot of questions, why does it matter we had fun whatever we did. I went into my room to take off my dress she followed me. Did you fuck him? she asked Why does it matter Maliah? She looked at me with worried eyes, because I'm your friend and I care about you. I turned to look at her and laughed your something else ma. 

I'm saying like did you? I looked at her and slide my oversize shirt on freeing my breast from my bra. She walked up to me and my grab my face tongue kissing me gliding her hands down my frame my knees buckled I started to tongue kiss her back moaning for the first time I felt weak by the kiss. You're mines she said no one else's I won't allow it I love you Nicole, I jerked back Love me? 

But your not gay remember? she laughed I don't know what I am but I know what I feel for you . I kissed her and caressed her. I feel the same way Maliah I don't know what I am but I love being with you too it kinda hurt me to hear you say you weren't gay. 

I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable I just love it when we are together. She looked at me and asked "Did you and him fuck? hell no I said, I wasn't gone that long to have sex babe. She sighed and lent in to kiss me sucking my tongue  "Baby" she said Yes bae? Why does your breath smell like dick? I looked at her and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. You little slut you sucked his dick didn't you? I looked at her she smiled back and said what did it taste like?

A loud tap on my car window woke me from my day dream it was co-worker checking to see if I was ok, I nodded and said yeah I'm fine thanks for asking. I looked down and realize the game I was playing before my daydream said 
G A M E O V E R.
Damn once it's over it's over I started the car up to get the much needed food my body needed. A loud hum from my phone it was a text message from Maliah I whispered I'm not ready for round 2 not yet.

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