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I knew something was different when I woke up and the curtains were ajar my eyes were blinded by the sunlight. My mind was hazy felt as if I woke up in another place other than my own home, my hands roamed over the sheets to pick up phone to see what time it was as I caress the sheets I felt what seemed like a leg. I immediately jumped up covered my exposed breast and grabbed the night light on my dresser. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?" I saw movements from the covers the person started to mumble. I thought in my head well thank god their alive. A raspy voice hissed through the cover. I yelled out loud WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU, I'M CALLING THE POLICE RIGHT NOW! They jumped up, Hold up what? Police for what? Why are you in my bed? my fucking house! I said, you brought me here he said! My mouth dropped " I brought you here?" that doesn't make sense well if I truly thought about last night was all a fuzzy memory. All I could truly remember is popping some popcorn and watching a movie. He looked at me and said Hello Nicole, are you ok?

You know my name, I said? Yes he replied we talked all night at the cafe down the street you came in and order coffee and a burger. I looked at him with blank eyes I mumbled I don't recall that at all. He looked at me very concerned and started to put on his pants maybe I should go he said. No, I said tell me more about what happened last night and what's your name. He looked at me with a look of damn you really don't remember my name. He said, my name is Brice I looked at him and said Brice I don't know what happened last night but I need you to tell me everything. He said I will are you going to call the police? I looked at him and said should I? No, I don't think so I mean everything was consensual. WE HAD SEX? He shook his head as if I was really embarrassing him then looked at me Yes, we had sex covering his mouth as if this situation really disturb him. Do you do this often like black out and not remember what happened? This is my first time it ever happened I never done this before it was protected sex I said?

 He said of course, I wouldn't risk my life for one night with a woman who doesn't remember my name in the morning. I looked at him, For all I know you could be lying and you wan't me to take your word for it. I don't remember what happened so I'm relying on you to tell me what happened now if it's amusing to you maybe we should call the police. You could have drugged me and raped me, he jumped up first of all lil momma I'm not a rapist I don't do that shit! Secondly how would I get into your house it heavily gated and there's a security guard downstairs that signs people in and out. How would I know you? He made a lot of sense they don't allow people in unless the person that lives there verifies them. Did I drink last night Brice?  Yea we some margaritas and damn did you down them you had like five. I thought to myself OMG shaking his head this makes so much sense. When I drink I initially do things I forget about the next morning. I sat on the bed with my hands covering my face I'm so sorry Brice. He stood up it's OK honestly this never happened to me before so I'm just kinda eeh.

What next he said, I looked at him and said I don't know honestly have you seen my phone? He walked over to the side of the bed and handed my phone. "When was the last time for the very first time" was displayed on my screen. Cruel Intentions, damn I said I really took heed to what he was saying I don't think he meant sleeping with random people though. I looked at Brice he was attractive but that gave me no reason to excuse my behavior. I never done this before Brice that's why I'm asking so many questions. He looked and nod as if he understood and like if he had known me for years he said "I'll stay here if you want me to" I thought to myself I mean it would be nice to have some type of company but it would be to weird. I told him no and sent him on his way. 

Later that day I relaxed and started to watch the movie I had on pause I started thinking I need saving I thought to myself this is why I don't drink because of this very reason blacking out not remember what happened the next morning. I remember the first time me and Maliah had our first argument because of how I would forget the things that transpired the night before. I hate feeling like that like I'm not in control losing apart of myself because of something foolish. My phone ranged it was a number I didn't know. Hello! I said  sounding alarmed hey it's me Brice.

 Just checking on you, Damn I gave you my number too, shaking my head Hey, I'm fine how are you? Great,great thank you for not calling the police look although this morning was weird I loved the conversation we had the night before. You're really down to earth and besides  you owe me dinner. Did I tell you I would cook for you I said? He said yeah, Well I don't cook I said but maybe we could go out to dinner no drinks though. Are you asking me out on a date Brice said. Don't flatter yourself just dinner and some conversation. Brice, you said we had sex right? Brice went silent yes we did. How was it I asked, him he sighed and said it's all I could think about all day it was amazing. I blushed and said amazing? Yeah amazing! I scoffed I need you to tell me about it all of it. He laughed and said we can discuss it over dinner in the quiet corner in the restaurant. I sighed I can't wait.

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