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Staring at the ceiling wondering how long did it take the painters to paint the elaborative deco. It looked as if heaven open it's gates for you. I let out a soft sigh, at this moment I feel free I felt nothing even matter. How sweet it is to not be in a darkened room with no light. I laid inside the sheets of the queen sized bed naked I ran my hands down my breast feeling my heart beat for the first time in a long time. I let out a soft moan "Fuck" I said leaning upward to stretch.. I looked around the room clothes scattered across the luxurious hotel room. 

I bit my bottom lip running my hands through my hair. "Brice!" I yelled. Mmm Brice for months now he and I have had this arrangement of us spending our weekends together order room services and fucking each other to oblivion. Then I heard the oh so familiar sound of the shower running and him humming a song I couldn't really make out. I got on my hands and knees to crawl into the bathroom in a slow seductive stride. 

Not that anyone was watching but I felt like a wild cat. Or was it because my pussy was craving his untamed dick. My mother once told me to get out of my mood of being sad and lonely and start dating, but my heart was still with Maliah. But since that drunken night I found my self breaking out of certain routines. Although I haven't heard from her since or last argument I knew she would call sooner or later wanting me to sign over the papers. 

I'm not bitter or even sad that we aren't together anymore. I just want her to know that I'm over it and hopefully one day we could be friends. With that thought in mind I stood up and crept into the bathroom as soon as I open the door the steam trapped me into it's foggy haze I was intoxicated by the steam and the Dial body wash for men. I guess Brice heard me at the door because he was glaring at me from the shower glass. I wiped the condensation of the glass pressed my full ample breast on the glass and kissed the glass teasing him. 

Teasing him even more I did a sexy little body roll and hip gyration for him he looked at me and bit his bottom lip mouthing the words "Come here" . I shook my head No. He started to stroke his dick slowly with one hand and reaching out for me with the other. I looked at him and willingly took his hand he help me step inside the the tub as I planted my feet he grabbed my arms kissing me passionately. Pressing my body against his I slide my tongue in his mouth. He had the softest lips he gripped my hair back and started sucking my neck running his thick tongue across and up my neck. "Ooo God" I said. 

He started gripping my ass pulling me on top of I wrapped my arms around his neck with one hand he held our balance wit the other inserting his dick inside me. As I felt his tip meet the entrance of my pussy I started to shake. I wrapped my thighs around him tighter as he pushed himself inside me gripping my hips  pushing my hips towards him. I sucked his bottom lip "Ooh Shit" he said clamping my pussy tighter around his dick I felt him go deeper. I dug my nails into his skin. "Brice baby, fuck this pussy like you own it" I whispered in his ear. 

He started to growl I held onto him as my body fell up and down on his wet chest. I bounced on his dick repeatedly "Omg Nicole I love you" he said, I felt cold I stopped bouncing. He looked at me to see why I wasn't responsive. I went blank. What words do you say to someone who just said they loved you during sex and never said it before? Brice kissed my lips he knew I wasn't  going to give him a response. I climbed off him he hung his head and smirked "Wow, really?" I looked him kind of speechless. "It's not like that" I said, Honestly I don't know Brice I don't wanna tell you I love and I'm not sure. "We been fucking for 5 months now you still don't have any feelings for me?" he said. 

That's not true I care a lot about you, I just thought you knew this was just strictly sex. He looked at me mind boggled "I do now Nicole" he said. I didn't mean it like your a booty call or that aren't important to me baby. It's just I don't wanna say that just yet. He looked at me and laugh "You're right I guess I was caught in the moment." he said. I left the bathroom wrapping the robe around me that was hanging up. I reached into my pockets grabbing my phone, I was sure I had miscalls and texts. Which I did I started thinking about what Brice said, I really need to close the chapter in my life with Maliah. 

I couldn't say I loved him just yet but he has given me so much happiness these past few months and he was worth at least a shot. I could hear Brice in my bathroom running the sink faucet water to brush his teeth. I dialed a number that was so familiar to me I called her. I felt foolish after the third ring. On the fourth she picked up "Hello,HELLO?" she said. I cleared my throat, Hello Maliah I said. She sighed and she Hey. I wanted to make the conversation short and sweet like how she once was. Look I'm calling because I'm ready to sign those papers and just wanting to hash things out with you. She seemed startled. Then she cleared her throat "Really?" 

Yes I said, So when you have time we could meet up and get things rolling. "How are you though?" she asked  I'm good, I can't complain. Babe, room service is here! Brice said in the background. "Babe?" Maliah said, I chuckled mmm "Wow Nicole she sounds like a guy" she laughed He is a guy I said. She went quiet "What?" Since when? Look right now isn't a good time but whenever you have time I guess we could catch up. I could hear her sadness in her tone. I gotta go though I said. "In a small quiet voice she said I love you Nicole" I love you still. I wish the feelings were mutual Maliah. As I hit the end button I felt a weight lifted off my heart. Moving forward is hard work but I can't be stuck in the pass.

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