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"Damn, I wonder where she was headed...TImes Square, after rush hour?..Must be meeting up with friends or some shit" Darien thought as he flopped down on the couch to watch some rerun on television. "I should text her" he mumbles to himself as his eyes are glued to the TV, barely concentrating at the impending drama on the screen as his minds wanders to her. 
"Fuck, what was her name again? Some shit with a J" he thought to himself. He suddenly remembers as the image of her deep brown eyes, her dark blue hair that fell down to the middle of her back, how her thick body swayed as she walked into the car towards the pole. 
No lie, she was beautiful..she had to be Puerto Rican or something nice like that, either way, she was enticing. 
He looks down to his lap, dressed in nothing but gray jogger sweats and his tube socks. His shoulder is marked with a tattoo of a phoenix going down to his chest along with a half-sleeve of a tribal pattern. He glanced down at the screen on his phone, full of notifications from Instagram and Twitter and texts from a girl he's been avoiding. But nothing could compare or fill his mind more at this very moment than her, Jade. 

He unlocked his phone and opened up his contacts, he scrolled down through roughly 200 names, some known, some untouched in months until he stops at J. It's the first name he saw as a soft smile forms on his lips, he quickly taps it, opening the message box. He quickly drops the phone back in his lap and looks down at the screen again, leaning back against the couch cushion, he thinks to himself 
His mind races,"Fuck, what am I gonna say to her? What if she don't remember me, what if she got a man but shit if she had one, why'd she give me her number? I mean I saw her blushing when I spoke to her, so....ahh fuck it, Let me hit her up."

He types " Hey ma, it's Darien from earlier on the train. I was thinking about you so I wanted to make sure you got home safe.." 
He quickly sends it, he watches as the message bubble turns from green to blue. "Oh she got an iPhone, thank God.." he says excitedly to himself. The read receipt goes from Sent to Delivered to Read at 8:35pm
.."Shit, she read it." he whispers. His nerves starts to get the best of him as the chat bubble forms on her side of the box, then his phone vibrates. 

"Hey, yeah I remember you. From the Q train, yeah I was going to meet a couple friends from out of town but they flaked on me so I went back home. Ugh, fuck people"" then the second message comes in " How's your night going?" 
He quickly replies as his face lights up and fear flees from his body "Man, my night kinda slow right now, I'm just watching TV, might head in early for the night. Nothing much else to do" He clicks send.
Then, she quickly replies

"Really, me too. I got all my errands done early so I'm free for the night, plus I'm off work tomorrow, my sister's gone for the weekend with her kids so I'm home alone"
As he reads the message, he wonders..
"Should I invite her over? I don't want her thinking I'm some flaw nigga that might try to hurt her. I'd love to get to know her, cook something or we could order out. Shit I got a smart TV and Wifi, they got some good shit on Netflix I've been meaning to watch. Fuck it, I'm gonna ask, worse thing she can do is say no."

"Oh word? Well, I hope I'm not being too fast or nothing but I got my owm place. I'd love for you to come over and chill. I got Netflix and we could order out or something. Since you know, we both free for the night. It's up to you though" He hesitates before clicking send.
Soon after he looks down, "Read at 8:41pm"
"Shit shit shit man, she gonna say no. She probably think I just wanna fuck."
"Nah man, fuck it." 
He glances back up at the TV as a commercial for the new Dodge 2015 car races on his screen and then BUZZBUZZ. His eyes shoot down to his phone.
"You actually seem like an okay dude, so I'm gonna take you up on your offer, where you stay at?"
"Brooklyn" he replies with lightening speed, so fast that autocorrect didn't even have time to pop up
"Oh damn, I'm in the Bronx, what's your nearest train?" She texts
"The Q and the B" He replies
"Oh, I'm near the B, text me your dets and I'll make my way out there" She replies
A smile forms on his face as he replies back
"Take the B to Church Avenue, I'm on Albermarle and Ocean Ave, 620 apt 4G, it's not far"
"Oh, I know where that is, my brother's girlfriend used to stay around there, I'll be there in a few" she ends her texts with a smile emoji.
"Shit, she on her way..Yes, but nah man, I'm gonna be a gentleman, I ain't gonna try nothing, but if she do I'll let her know that I don't wanna do her like that since we just met. But damn man..she coming."
He replies back "Iight ma, get here safe, let me know when you reach the train station.."

An hour and a half later, Darien is awakened by three buzzing ounds, he looks down at his phone and sees two unread text messages and three missed calls, all from Jade.
He presses the intercom and shouts, "Who is it?"
A soft, sultry voice replies back "It's Jade, buzz me in"
His heart starts to pound as he presses the button to let her up. He quickly runs to his room to throw on a fresh shirt and sprays himself with some body spray but before you know it.
Ding Dong.
He mumbles to himself, "shit."
He scurries over to the door and looks through the peephole, then unlocks his door and opens to see her standing there.
Dressed in a black bubble coat, her dark blue dyed hair sticking out of her gray hat , a knitted scarf, her thick thighs caressed by dark blue leggings and somewhat brand new gray Ugg boots.
She was curvy and thick, shorter than he remembered, she had a big smile on her face as she pulled her hands out of her pocket and reached up for a hug,
"Hey!!" Her voice, like angels whispering sweet songs in his ear as he reached down and hugged her. He could have sworn she felt his heart beating out of his chest.  
But yet he couldn't do nothing but smile "Hey ma, how you doing?" 
"Shit I got you standing out here, come on in, it's cold as fuck out there" he says.
"Damn," He thought to himself  as he steps out her way and looked her up and down, "her ass is nice and round, nice wide hips, got some long legs for her height. She a real 10"
"So what you got planned for us tonight?" She says as she walks in..
"Movie and a late dinner if you up for it" he says with a grin.
He then closes the door behind him and locks it and puts the chain on.
because they both knew, that neither of them would be leaving anytime soon.

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