Chapter 4 - The next morning..

He rolled over and blinked a few times, he peeked over at the alarm clock
5:48am, It's early but not too early. He rolled back over to his sleeping beauty, snoring softly. Her arm tucked under her face as she slumbers on her stomach, Her hair falling gracefully over her face, the blanket covers her body partly. He admires the tattoo on her back, a dream catcher starting from the middle of her back down just above her crack. The curves of her body, the arch in her back, how her body rises with each breath she takes. She is breathtaking and last night was a dream. He rolls over on his back and stares in the mirror on the ceiling, then glances over at the window as the sun peaks over the horizon. He shuts his eyes and thinks for a moment, trying to recapture the moment of last night. How she felt, how she kissed his lips, how soft she was. She knew how to handle herself. She took all that he could give her and enjoyed every second of it. There was one moment when they were intertwined, as one. For a split second they understood each other, they were in tune to what their bodies needed and craved. In the moment he realized, he wanted more. He wanted that feeling again.

He rolled over back to face her, he then ran his hand down from her shoulder, down the curve of her back stopping at her soft firm ass. He grabbed it gently as if not to wake her from her sleep. He didn't want to wake her suddenly, he wanted her to wake up in utter pleasure. In that moment, she stirred in her sleep. She mumbled incoherently as she rolled over to her back, her head turned away from him, her body was exposed. Her legs partly spread, her breast, a soft and supple pink with each nipple pierced softly raised and lowered as she breathed. The blanket barely covered her pussy, she looked good, good enough to eat..

He moved in closer to her as he reached beneath the blanket in between her legs, rubbing his hand up in between her thick thighs, stopping short before her wetness. He felt the heat radiate from her as he began to softly fondle her lips, caressing them with his fingertips. She was still wet. He then spread her lips with his finger exposing her soft pearl, then with his middle finger began to rub softly in small circles. His dick began to throb as he rubbed a little faster. She then began to move slightly, spreading her legs a little wider as he picked up the pace. He then pulled his hand back and brought it to his face, she still smelled as good as she did last night, then he licked them, tasted just as good too. He then pulled the covers back and laid down between her legs. He slowly placed one thigh over his shoulder and held one open as he brought his face close to her sweetness. He parted her lips with his tongue with a long lick, then another, then three more. Then, before you knew it, he was lapping at her like a thirsty dog with a water dish. But he was thirsty, the thirst was for her. He wanted her waterfall, he craved it. He then stopped, then sucked her clit into his mouth, he pulled and pressed it with his tongue as he began to slide two fingers inside her. She stirred again, he coulda sworn that he heard her moaning or gasp but he was too busy enjoying her to notice or care. She brought out the animal in him last night, A beast he kept tame for so long. He wanted more, the animal needed to feed. He slid his fingers inside her tight hole fast as he sucked on her pearl harder. He felt her tighten around his fingers as he pleased her. He then curved his fingers upwards to her GSpot and flicked up against it as he sucked. His heart was pounding and at this moment all the blood in his body felt as if it was all in his now rock hard throbbing dick. Her body and legs began to shake, but some how, she did not wake or stir and in that moment, he felt a gush of juice run from his fingers down his hand and her walls tighten and tense on his finger. "She came.." he thought to himself as his lips were still wrapped around her clit. He pulled back and pulled his fingers out. It was covered in her sweet juices, he placed them in his mouth and sucked down hard. She tasted like heaven. Not too sweet, not tart. Just perfect.  But he wanted more..

He rose up on his knees, still between her legs, He looked down at his throbbing cock and stroked it in his hand. He looked down at her beautiful form, her long neck, her big breast, her waist down to her hips. She seemed too be breathing a little harder, and what looks like beads of sweat forming on her chest. He then begins to stroke his dick faster as it throbs in his hand. He looks down at her beautiful pink slit. He notices that she made a wet spot on the sheet. No matter, there's more where that came from..

He wanted to feel her again, against him. Her wetness, her passion, her rawness. He then rubbed the tip of his dick on her clit, rubbing it in circles before grabbing on to both hips and lowering his tip down to her wet hole. He then slid inside her slowly. His whole body shuttered as she gripped him tight, as if welcoming him home from a long journey. She felt good, warm, still tense from that last orgasm. As he began to move inside her, he felt the tension quickly build. He wrapped her legs around his waist and began to pump faster. He held her hips as he began to fuck her faster, her body began to shake but somehow she did not stir or move much. She still slept, letting out a light snore or gasp here and there. His body began to tense as his thrust began to build, each thrust, faster and harder, he wanted to lean down and kiss her neck but decided against it. He liked what he saw as she slept, she was at peace. He got to enjoy her body as much as he could. Then he felt his dick throb inside her as he neared an orgasm. He wanted to release inside her but no, not this one..not yet anyway and not in this way. He wanted her to want it, to want for him to release in her, against her tight, wet walls. He then pulled back and came on her mound and just below her belly button then, in a foggy haze, he laid down on top of her..

A few moments later, he felt her squirm underneath him, then he felt an arm wrap around his waist while another wrapped around his neck. He felt her move gently as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He was shocked "Oh shit, did I wake her? Or was she awake this whole time?" She nuzzled and kissed his neck then kissed up to his earlobe and whispered "Good morning papi..." then laid her head back on the pillow.
He chuckled and said, "Good morning to you too beautiful" and then kissed her slowly, sucking her bottom lip in between his. She then said, as she caressed his back "Thanks for that wake up..." He grinned to himself and turned towards the clock which read 7:12am..
"You're very welcome" he said in a sleepy voice as they both drift back to sleep..