Chapter o1 Jade.

Chapter o1.

    Taking a deep breath as she stepped on the packed train heading uptown, Jade held back her tongue as she tried to keep her sanity in check as people bombarded inside. "Lord, let me make it home before I cuss someone out today." she muttered under her breath. "I hear that ma, I deff. hear that" a strong masculine voice came from behind her, she turned to face the stranger to find a tall chocolate brown skin, head full of dark brown curly hair, average muscular build, but what drew her most about him was his light brown eyes with the scar above his right eyebrow. 

    He gave her the meanest mug as she gives him the sweetest smile she could muster as she turned to face the metal pole in front of her trying to hold in her blush. She couldn't help but feel something drawing her to him, was it that she was ready to strip butt naked to ride him like a pony or was it an actual connection she felt when she looked in his eyes. Turning around as she gathered all her courage to face him, "Had a rough day?" she flat out asked him peering in his eyes. "Nah, not really why you ask that shorty?" he responding in a tight clipped tone.  "You look upset about something." she glances down at the dirty subway floor trying to keep her eyes from meeting his. 
   "Nah but check it, what's ya name or whatever?". "My name is Jade and yours?" she replied hearing the train operator announce that her stop was coming up to transfer train. "Darien, but uh you a real pretty girl let me go ahead and get your number I know you feeling me the way you gave me a cute little glance" he grinned as she felt her heart flutter at the slight smirk. Stuttering as she shifted her eyes back down to the floor never being pursued so boldly"Uh uh, 718-303-5313" she stated as he leaned down into his iPhone entering her number, she heard the train operator announce "This is 42nd Street/Times Square...", "Well this is my stop, let me go ahead and get ya number before I attempt to leave this train in one piece" giggling as she nervously tucks a piece of her dark blue curly hair behind her ear. "347-574-2021, take care ma"Leaving with a grin plastered on her face as she walks out the train.

    "Damn.. this nigga really got me here stuck, fuck is wrong with me", Jade thought to herself as she ran the wide tooth comb through her curls, setting the comb to the side she laid back in her tub her thoughts going back to the chocolate tender with the bright eyes. Feeling her thoughts scramble all over the place she took a deep breath and exhaled "I don't even sweat no niggas after Torrie bitch ass, fuck am I doing letting this nigga fuck around with my head." she lied to herself knowing deep down she was tired of just fucking and leaving niggas. Her motto after her bitch ass ex left her for dry was fuck niggas get money, and that's exactly what she did, she fucked and didn't catch feelings. 

    She upheld the same rules as all men did, got what she wanted and needed and just dipped out of their life. See Jade was once a girl with dreams of getting married, having kids, building a family, moving to Long Island with a white picket fence and a couple of cute dogs. She put those hopes and dreams in a man who was a fraud the whole time, Torrie the man who changed good ole Jade into a heartless man-eater. Sighing as she shook the distant memories out of her mind she slid on the purple terry cloth robe over her shoulders as she tied up the knot in front of her stomach. Her mind slipped back to thinking of Darien his smooth chocolate skin tone standing out to her the most, as her thoughts were interrupted by the loud zip sound from her iPhone. I wonder who this could be . ..