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     She smiled to herself taking in all of his bachelor pad furniture and decor. 

"Damn it's like a bomb of freaking testosterone just went off in this place huh?" she teased him while looking back at him grinning. 

"Oh you got jokes huh? I've been living by myself for a good little minute, so I aint have no female or nun like that come and fix my crib up" he answered as he plopped down on the black leather sofa. She peered at his tattooed arms, not paying attention as she bit down on her lip while drinking him up with her eyes. 

"Jade did you hear what I said?" he snapped her out of her day dream. 

Jade shook her head replying, "No I'm sorry what did you say again?”. 

"I asked what movie would you like to watch and if Chinese food aight with you ma?" he says grinning that same grin that got her heart beating a little to fast on the train. 

"Don't matter to me honestly, I am starving so I can go for some Chino food.” she stated. She sat next to him on the comfortable couch slowly unzipping her coat revealing a low cut sweater. 

He snorted as he muttered a little to loud, "Can never get a woman to choose anything.” 

Cutting her eyes at him she tilted her head to say, "Oh so your gonna act like I ain't hear that huh?" slightly pressing her hand to his shoulder pushing him gently to the side. 

"I'm going to run to the Chinese spot and pretend like I ain't just get physically abused by Ms. Puerto Rico over here, but uh what you want to eat ma?" he teased as he got up sliding his coat over his muscular body, bending down as he slipped on his sneakers. 

"Oh you got jokes huh? I could go for some shrimp fried rice with barbecue boneless rib tips, please and thank you. Let me go ahead and get some mo-" reaching for her purse as she tried to dig out some cash. 

She stopped mid sentence as he harshly states" Damn ma, I ain't need you to come out your pockets, a nigga got you. I'm not letting no cutie pay for no food, so take them little ass hands out that purse and relax. Now I will be right back, I'll lock the doors cause they kinda tricky and shit." 

    Hearing the door close she sat back in amazement, thinking to herself "Fuck maybe chivalry ain't really dead after all." She quickly gets a flashback of Torrie then quickly changes her mind. Jade decided to let her Spanish qualities kick in, which one of them is: to be nosy as hell. Getting up she wanders around the apartment. Opening the door to his bedroom slightly, she looks around to what appears to be a simple bedroom, until she saw something. "The man has a mirror directly above his head on some I make my own porn type shit.” she whispered to herself. Feeling herself turned on by such boldness she quickly closes the door. She then power-walked back to the spot where she was suppose to be sitting down at before she decided to be nosy. 

    Hearing the locks on the door starting to become undone she turns her head to face him "Hey you made it back!" as she feels her cheeks warming up whilst she smiles at him. Setting the bag of Chinese food in front of her, he sits next to her. He pulls his sweat shirt over his head, letting her catch a glimpse of his rock hard abs and the love trail that was trimmed so beautifully. 

Interrupting her thoughts as she reached for the packets of soy sauce, he asks "So, is it cool if we watch my fave movie, Baby Boy. Or nah ?”. 

Squeezing out the soy sauce onto her rice, she moves around the rice with her plastic white work nodding as she replies “Yea, that's perfectly fine. It's a good movie too so I'm good with it.", as she takes a spoonful of rice into her mouth.


    Three cups of wine later, Jade's body was on fire, and she felt her pussy throbbing through her leggings half way into the movie. The way Jody fucked Yvette on the screen, is the way she wanted Darien to fuck her. he wanted him to give her that soul clenching type of sex. The type of sex you wanted to just "smack your momma" for it being so good. She could tell he was feeling something too by the way he kept peeking over at her during every sex scene, him trying to be coy about the whole situation. She decided to make the first move as she laid her head on his shoulder, grinning as she felt his arm wrap around her waist, soon she felt his hand brush against her breast, his fingers accidentally dancing around her now erect nipples. 

"Damn my bad ma, I ain even mean to do all that" he spilled out embarrassingly trying to re adjust his arm near her. Feeling the wine a little too much, she grabs his hand placing it against her breast softly saying "I liked it where it was at, papi.”, feeling her nipples harden again against his touch. Silence filled the room as she felt his blazing eyes heat up the side of her face. She turned to meet his eyes, feeling an electric jolt set off in her body. Just struck not knowing what to say, she felt his strong arms wrap around her body pulling her into his lap. 

Peering down on him she opened her mouth to speak,he placed his index finger against his lips "Shh, don't say anything just let me make you happy, ma." He cupped her chin gently pulling her down towards him, pressing his lips against hers, she felt that electric jolt spread all over her body once again. She felt a hunger engulf her as she kissed him back hungrily. Nibbling down on his bottom lip as she felt his hands reach near the bottom of her sweater, Jade felt the smooth fabric slide over her head. She slid her lips from his to meet his ears, whispering a breathy moan. 

“Papi, take me whatever way you want me” she moaned quietly  as she heard her sweater hit the floor beside the couch. 

She wanted him so bad. She wanted to feel him inside of her, feel him stretch her body to it's limits. Feeling his arms wrap around her more tightly, he lifted her up from the couch, her legs automatically knowing to link together around his waist as she kissed on his neck. He tasted like a real man should,  and his skin felt so smooth against her tongue. She let her tongue dance at the side of his neck more as she placed wet kisses in between licks. She felt his hard member poke against the bottom of her round ass. Hearing him intake a sharp breath of air between his lips as he placed her down on the soft bed, she searched for his eyes in the dark room. As light crept into the dark room, she smelled a scented candle being light on each side of the bed. Her eyes catching his as she spoke to break the silence, "Let me see that body papi, I want to see all of you". She felt the hunger in her rise more and more as he stripped off layers of clothing, showcasing a body chiseled like a greek god. She felt her breath quicken as he slipped his silk boxers to the floor showing off his chubby eight inch penis standing at half mass. Placing her hands behind her back as she balanced her self to get a better look at his body, she took in all of him in his naked glory, feeling the wheels turning in her head while she eye fucked him. Given the smirk that captured her attention, Darien crept up closer to the bed until he was on top of her. She felt his swollen member teasingly scrape against her thigh as he slid up to her face, kissing her gently. She felt his fingers trace along her bra straps, playing with them as he slid them down her shoulder blades. Reaching behind her to unhook her bra she felt the air kiss her sensitive breasts and the cold air teasing the metal pierced through her pink nipples. She felt a moan escape her pouted lips as he wrapped his heart shaped lips around her nipple. Waves of pleasure washing over her as he pushed both of her breasts together, he flickered his tongue on each nipple back and forth. Laying back as he moved down her body, she glanced up at the mirror eyes locked at the image of two of them. He kissed down her curvy hips all the way down reaching the top of her pussy, Darien placed himself in between her legs, looking up at her as he softly kissed her pussy lips. Letting out a soft moan she subconsciously slid her legs apart more giving him more access to her honey pot, he lapped at her soft clit softly slurping as he sucked her clit in his mouth. She cried out his name in between loud moans while two fingers penetrated her core as she pressed her body against his fingers. Reaching out to grip the black sheets beneath her with her hands, she pulled them higher off the mattress as she felt his tongue replace his fingers. Arching her back while she shook, she stuttered out "pa pa papi stop, you're going to make me cum all on ya tongue." He blatantly ignored her wishes, scooping her wetness with the curve of his tongue with each tongue lashing he delivered. Jade couldn't take it anymore, it's as if she felt her whole body reach the point of no return as she climaxed hard. He looked up at her with a sticky wet face. Returning a glance, she peered down at him with pure lust in her eyes. She gathered all of her strength to flip him over on his back as she went straight to his joystick. Taking the thick tip in between her lips as she ran her tongue around the shaft. She felt his body tense up as she slid her lips lower on his dick, taking his dick halfway in her mouth as she reached to massage his balls with her hand squeezing gently.

"Fuckkkkkkkkk Jade" he cried out as she deep throated his dick, letting her nose brush against his stomach. 

She gagged out to slide his dick from her mouth, gripping the wet dick she slapped it against her tongue looking at him in his eyes she moaned out "You like that papi, you like when I suck on this dick?” 

"Hell yea ma, come bend over for me real quick, toot that ass up for me ma" he spoke in a dark tone, hearing the words laced with pure sex. Quickly she got into the position with her butt elevated up in the air, grinding her body in the air as she looked back seeing him behind her, she bit down on her bottom lip. At that moment, she knew she was waiting to feel what lustful tension she felt ever since she met him on the train. Looking back at him he grinned at her as he slapped his chocolate member against her sticky clit, not being able to keep her eyes on him she turned to face the head of the bed when she felt it. He pressed inside her slowly, letting out a loud moan that escaped her lips, she believed she was in heaven at this point. She believed everything was right in this world, and there was nothing else but this moment that made her believe that. Crying out harder as he gripped each side of her hips, he slid more of himself inside her, the fever in her burning up hotter and hotter as she heard him moan out "Damn Jade, this pussy feels good as fuck. Damn ma what are you doing to me?”. 

She felt her body quiver as he dug his nails into her hips, feeling the pain and pleasure flood over her as she moaned back "Fuck me papi, beat this pussy up like it belongs to you". He took her words as it were a cue to slam inside her wet slit harder with an intensity that she couldn't handle. She kept crying out his name begging him to stop, as she felt his strokes getting slower and his breathing getting heavier. 

"Ah shit Jade, ma I'm about to cum!" he exclaimed, as she felt him slide out of her spraying her back up with a thick load of cum, her eyes feeling heavy from all the things Darien just did to her body. Whatever just happened to her made her feel so right. She was at peace. Her legs shook as she fell down on the bed. She was weak as her wet dripping pussy throbbed and ached for more of him. Then all of a sudden, she was flipped on her back. Her legs raised and pushed back over her head as her knees touched her shoulders. She groaned as he guided his thick chocolate member back inside her. She once again glanced up at the mirror, hypnotized by their reflection feeling every inch of his large dick invade her tight walls a second time. She latched her self onto him wrapping her long legs around his waist. She gripped his back with her long pointy nails digging into his brown skin as he went deeper and harder into her. She searched for his gorgeous face  as she began planting soft wet kisses all on his neck and moaning harder into his ear canal, whispering sweet naughty things in spanish, driving him to go harder. Hearing him groan and moan as she began to tighten her walls around his throbbing dick. 

"I'm going to cum again Darien!” she called out to him feeling as if her head was getting fuzzy again.

"Cum with me ma, cum with papi" he managed to get out. She felt her legs start to give in, she gripped his back harder and tighter, her nails digging and clawing at his skin as she yelled out his name when she came. Feeling him jerk and shake above her, he pulled out of her warm center, to spray his load right on her stomach. He pulled her towards him as he held her close to his chest. Right then and there everything felt right as they both drifted off to sleep...

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